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Early Marriages

Marriages conducted by Rev. Warner Lake (1765-1848).Baptist Minister (1830-1848), Ridge, town of Mount Morris, Livingston county, NY.[Some punctuation changes have been made for consistency.]"Mount Morris Record of Mariage" [sic]November 18th, 1830.Moses Laren*to Lydia Bradley.February 17th, 1831. Mt. Morris.Nathaniel Gove* [Gore*] of Springportto Cathrine Wellar [Weller] of Mount Morris.March 30, 1831. Mt. Morris.Foster Sanfordto Rebeca [Rebecca] Simeson.March 31, 1831. Mt. Morris.Henry Moe*to Mariah T. Sanford.April 3rd, 1831. Mt. Morris.Albert Stevensto Lusinda [Lucinda] River.February 6th, 1832. Mt. Morris.Richard Morrin*to Elba Hunt.April 4th, 1832. Parma.Warner Lake, Jr. of Mt. Morristo Elizabeth Butlar [of] Parma.September 29th, 1832. Mt. Morris.Jonah Craftto Sally Whiteman both of Mt. Morris.October 7th, 1833. Mt. Morris.George Burkheartto Almirey Hagerdone [Almira Hagadone].November 21, 1833. Mt. Morris.William Devinney [Devinny]to Ollive [Olive*] Smock.March 13, 1834. Mt. Morris.Steven Hagerdone [Hagadone].to Inegetine* Burton.October 9, 1834. Mt. Morris.Josiah C. Wheatonto Alma Hunt.October 28, 1834. Mt. Morris.Dearborn Huntto Agneys [Agnes] Parker.November 9, 1834.William Dayton of Aldento Mary Lake of Mt. Morris.October 8th, 1835. Mt. Morris.Silas Woodardto Betsey Burkheart.October 14th, 1835. Mt. Morris.David Ellisto Susan Bullar*December 10, 1835. Mt. Morris.Elisha Mosher of Portageto Catherine Vanderbeek* of Mt. Morris.January 22, 1836. Mt. Morris.William H.H. Robinsto Hannah Reed.January 29th, 1836. Mt. Morris.Orrin Perryto Marthy Cronk.March 19th, 1836. Mt. Morris.Gifford of Portageto Thayr[e] of Mt. Morris.February 19th, 1837. Mt. Morris.Elisha Peck of Phelps, Ontario countyto Sarah Croche of Mt. Morris, Livingston county.February 23, 1837. Mt. Morris.Harley* Thayreto Mary ann KelloggMay 25th, 1837. Mt. Morris.Joshua Calkins of Perryto Welthy* [Wealthy] Luty Hanford of Portage.June 2nd, 1839. Mt. Morris.Jorge Duryeeto Sally Depew.September 17, 1839. Mt. Morris.William Fidlerto Betsey Hayward.*Spelling questionable due to possible misinterpretation.

Source: Images of original handwritten records from the David Lake collection; originals in the posessionof the Lake family. Digital images provided, 2009, by Mrs. David Lake. A DVD of the Lake family images (photos, notes, letters) was deposited with theLivingston County Historian in the summer of 2009.NOTE: Surnames have not been cross-checked against 1850 and 1880 census records.Please notify me of corrections.I'm sure clarification is needed on some.


From Geneva Gazette 20 February 1833

Married, in Livonia, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Allen, Mr. LouisWillard of Cayuga, to Mrs. Phila Daniels, of the former place.


From Geneva Gazette 23 January 1833

MARRIED - At Hampton, Livingston Co., on the 10th inst., Lieut. J.W. Swiftof the U.S. Navy to Miss Isabella Fitzhugh.


From Ontario County Journal 17 June 1892

Married at the home of the bride, June 1, 1892, by the Rev. B. F.Willoughby, Fred C. Batchellor and Alice Grover, both of Lima.

-- Contributed by Darwina Michael, Ontario County GenWeb coordinator


From Geneva Gazette 30 October 1833

Married, in Greigsville, Livingston co., by the Rev. Mr. Porter, Mr. EdwardDean, of this village, to Miss Susan Augusta, daughter of Mr. James Jones,merchant of the former place.


from TRUTH NUNDA, May 24, 1907

MARRIAGE "CATCHING" / Bridesmain and Best Man Followed Suit /Had Stood Up at WeddingAnd Tuesday night Geo P Conklin and Maude L Swain drove to Nunda from Swains to be married by Rev Dryer.

Marriage seems to be contagious in Nunda as scarlet fever is in Dansville. Last January, George P Conklin of this town and Miss Maude L Swain of Swains, acted as the bridal attendants at theFloyd Conklin wedding when that gentleman married Miss Fanny Walker,the ceremony being performed at that time by Rev RC Dryer at the M Eparsonage.

Great was the surprise of the Rev Mr Dryer Tuesday eveningwhen those who stood up with the January bridal party, appeared at the parsonage and requested the pastor to go through the same ceremonyonce more, substituting the names of George P Conklin and Maude L Swain.

After the magic words were pronounced, the happy couple drove 10 miles to Swains where at the home of the bride, a pleasant reception was held and congratulations were extended to Mr & Mrs Conklin.

-- Contributed by Robbie Dreeson of Rochester

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