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Early Newspaper Notices

Abigail Clark, Abel Holmes

Livingston Register, Vol. 1, No. 2, Moscow [Leicester], Thursday, January 15, 1824,
Reel #C1-D4-404 Geneseo Livingston Register 1824-1828, Microfilm Collection, Livingston County Historian, Mount Morris, NY.
[3rd pg]

To the Public

Having understood that Abel Holmes, of Leicester, represents publicly that I am his lawful wife: This is to inform all whom it may concern, that I entirely disown any relationship or affinity to the said Holmes, whatever; and that I am determined to defend any property I possess or may acquire, against him and every other person claiming it by means of an agreement with him.

Abigail Clark Leiester, Dec 31, 1823

Contributed by Liz Cornish, Livingston County GenWeb coordinator

Polly Johnson, Joseph Johnson

Livingston Register, Vol. 1, No. 9, Moscow [Leicester], Thursday, March 4, 1824,
Reel #C1-D4-404 Geneseo Livingston Register 1824-1828, Microfilm Collection, Livingston County Historian, Mount Morris, NY.
[3rd pg]


Whereas my wife Polly has left my bed and board without any just cause: this is therefore to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debt on her contracting after this date.

Joseph Johnson

Contributed by Liz Cornish, Livingston County GenWeb coordinator

Ward Artlip

From Ontario County Chronicle 9 July 1902

While firing a large dynamite cracker on the morning of the Fourth, WardArtlip, a Springwater boy, had his hand badly shattered. Thefirecracker, after being lighted, failed to explode within the time theboy thought it should require, and he picked it up to apply the secondmatch. As he did so, it exploded, tearing his thumb badly and splittingit from the hand back to the joint, besides otherwise burning andinjuring the hand.

Contributed by Darwina Michael, Ontario County GenWeb coordinator

Mrs. James Keihle

From Ontario County Times 23 April 1873

TRAGEDY IN DANSVILLE - On Thursday afternoon last, the 10th inst., Mrs.James Keihle, of Dansville, made an unsuccessful attempt to destroy herown life. The Express says that a razor was drawn across her throatseveral times, making serious and dangerous wounds, but from the effectof which it is hoped she will recover. The cause of this mournful actwas temporary insanity, the result of a broken down and worn outconstitution.

Contributed by Darwina Michael, Ontario County GenWeb coordinator

Jotham McGroggor

From Ontario County Times 7 August 1872

On Monday, the 26th ult., as Mr. Jotham McGroggor, of Sparta, Livingstoncounty, was engaged in driving a reaper, the seat gave away, and he fellin front of the knife, and before he could be released his left leg wascut more than half off at the calf, one of the bones being entirelysevered, and his right leg was cut to the bone near the ankle, theligaments being severed. It is expected that his limbs will be saved.

Contributed by Darwina Michael, Ontario County GenWeb coordinator

The Livonia Gazette 2/15/1929Page 5South Livonia LocalsRAYMOND GILLMAN, EARL SHERMAN and CARL PEEL are new workers at the trunk factory.MRS. WALTER HOLMES, who has been in Rochester for two weeks returned home Monday night.MRS. JOHN COE'S mother, MRS. MORELL of SCOTTSBURG is very sick.WARREN SHERMAN, son of MR. And MRS. EARL SHERMAN of SOUTH LIVONIA, died last Friday of Intestinal Grip after only a few days illness. He was a little over two years old. Besides his parents he leaves a brother, JERRY, and two sisters, JEAN and NORMA. The funeral was held from the home Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock. Burial was in Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia.MRS. CLAUDE FUGLE"S  brother, ARCHIE GILTNER, of SONYEA is in the hospital at that place suffering with pneumonia.MRS. WILLIAM HAWLEY, who is sick at the Jackson Health resort at DANSVILLE, is not as well as her friends would wish.JOHN GRANT, who has been in GREIGSVILLE for some time, is at the home of his father, ROBERT GRANT, and is working at the depot.MRS. HERBERT SHARPSTEEN spent the fore part of the week at the home of her parents, MR. And MRS. WILL ROSBOROUGH, of AVON. While she was there, her brother WALTER, was taken to the hospital and operated on for appendicitis.

THE NUNDA NEWS, Nunda, N. Y.Saturday, July 23, 1892.Pioneers and Prominent Residents who Have Died in Nunda the Past Year.The following are the deaths of aged persons and prominent residents of Nunda who have died within the past year. The list was made out to send to the Wyoming Historical Pioneer Association which meets Aug. 4th. There are quite a number of very aged people on the list this year, which reminds us again that the older residents of Nunda are passing away:Cornelius Eckert, aged 75 years.Mary W. Chizlett, 70.Mrs. Mary Brick, 77.Wm Smith, 83.Marietta Perrine, 81.Levi Robinson, 88.Michael Dowling, 58.Ezekiel Parker, 64.Sophia B. Newton, 90.Mrs. Margee Horton, 88.Mrs. Sarah Warner, 87.Samantha Olney, 70.Jas. Norris, 87.Christopher Fox, 84.Sarah Duryee, 80.Hugh McKeown, 82.Frank P. Thomas, 50.Joseph Chase, 72.John VanBuskirk, 70.Adam Derx, 87.Susan Benson, 73.Hannah Preston, 72.Mrs. J. S. Kendall, 79Mary Jones, 76.
	-----------------------------------------------------------------		From Victor Herald 29 May 1903Mrs. Marietta Dibble, wife of the late Charles T. Dibble, died at her home on East Main street, this village, on Sabbath morning last, of heart failure, at the age of 69 years. Mrs. Dibble was a native of West Bloomfield, at which place she was wedded to Mr. Dibble in the spring of 1866, when they removed to the farm in Lima, where they resided until 1878, when they removed into the village, where they have since resided. Mrs. Dibble was a noble type of Christian character, and was a member of the Lima Presbyterian church, and was loved by all who knew her. She had a kind heart, and made everyone welcome in her beautiful home. Besides this, she thought everything of her children, and so did the children of their mother. She is survived by two sons, William L. and Edward F. Dibble, both of our village; also a sister, Miss Amelia Smith of East Bloomfield. Services at the home, Tuesday. The Rev. A. K. Bates officiated and the remains were laid to rest in the family lot at Oak Ridge cemetery beside her husband.  /(Lima Recorder)-----------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Chronicle 13 January 1904Hiram Merithew, a veteran of the Civil War of Nunda, was killed Thursday by falling down a flight of stairs.-----------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Chronicle 24 February 1904Pellegrino Asso, a young Italian of Wadsworth, near Mt. Morris, was shot in the head and killed by the accidental discharge of a revolver which he was handling Thursday.-------------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Chronicle 2 March 1904Mrs. Emily Hutchison of East Avon, aged 89 years, was burned to death Sunday morning by inhaling flames caused by the explosion of a lamp.--------------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Times 1 August 1877Mrs. Theodore Yorks of Lima, a lady about forty years of age, committed suicide at the Lake Short House at Hemlock Lake, last Sunday night by taking poison.--------------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Times 6 March 1878Two suicides occurred in Livingston county on Tuesday night of last week. The first was William Fraser, a highly respected citizen of Fowlerville and at one time postmaster. He was about seventy years old, and married his second wife about three months ago. Domestic infelicity is said to have been the cause of the suicide.The second unfortunate affair occurred at Dansville, and in this case the deceased was a highly estimable young lady. A disappointment in love impelled her to commit the fatal act. Arsenic was the means used.----------------------------------------------------------------------From Ontario County Times 4 August 1880The wife of Mr. Orra Purcell of Hemlock Lake, Livingston county, was thrown from a carriage on Wednesday last and so severely injured that she survived the accident but a few days. The unfortunate lady had started with her husband for a ride. At Livonia Station he left her for a moment holding the horses, while he went into a store. While he was absent the horse became unmanageable and overturned the buggy. Mrs. Purcell was thrown violently to the ground receiving fatal injuries as above stated. She died on Friday night and was buried the Sunday following.

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