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William Bryce was born ca 1800 in Scotland. He married Hannah Teed of Delaware, New York on 25 February 1830 in the town of York, Livingston county, New York. They had seven children in twelve years and lived in Livingston county ca 1815-1845. William died in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Submitted by Terry and Jane Bryce February, 2014.


Register Report Generation 1 1. CAROLINE JEFFERIE JEFFREYS JEFFERS-1. She was born on 02 Jun 1839 in Arkport, Steuben, New York, USA [1]. Census 1850 in Hv, Hartsville, Steuben, NY. Census 1855 in Hv, Hartsville, Steuben, NY. Lived 1870 in Wayland, Steuben, New York, USA. She died on 26 Apr 1921 in Burns, Allegany, New York, USA. Medical (Facts Pg) in Blind. Burial in Canadice Corners, New York. JOHN PETER MASTIN is the son of Phineas Reuben Mastin & Anna Kimbel [1]. He was born on 02 Nov 1829 in Sparta, Livingston, New York, USA [1]. Census 1880 in Canadice, Ontario, New York. He died on 01 Jun 1921 in Burns, Allegany, New York, USA. Burial in Canadice Corners, New York. JOHN PETER MASTIN & CAROLINE JEFFERIE JEFFREYS JEFFERS. They were married on 12 Sep 1857 in Arkport, Steuben, New York, USA. They were married on 12 Sep 1858 in Arkport, Steuben, New York, USA [2]. They had 12 children. i. WILLIAM W MASTIN. He was born on 14 Jun 1858. He died on 22 Jan 1940 in Springwater, Livingston, New York, USA. Burial in Mumford, Monroe, New York, USA [3]. ii. MARYANN MASTIN. She was born on 13 Mar 1861 in New York, USA. She died on 02 Dec 1861. iii. CORA ANN MASTIN. She was born on 07 Jun 1862 in New York, USA. She married William Henry Welch. They were married on 09 Dec 1888. She died on 30 Sep 1956 in Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA. iv. ALONZO BYRON MASTIN. He was born on 04 Nov 1863 in Wayland, Steuben, New York, USA. He died on 10 Aug 1912 in Ontario, New York, USA. Burial in Lakeview Cemetery, Honeoye. v. ELIZABETH MASTIN. She was born 1864 in New York, USA. She died 1864. vi. WILLSON JEFFERIES MASTIN [1]. He was born on 29 Sep 1867 in New York, USA [1]. He married Olive Keen Thomas. They were married on 26 Aug 1901. He died in Burns, Allegany, New York, USA. vii. FANNY MASTIN. She was born on 19 Oct 1869 in New York, USA. She married Fabor Hulburt Bailey. They were married on 23 Jan 1889. She died on 19 Nov 1965. viii. JAMES MASTIN. He was born on 30 Dec 1871 in New York, USA. He died on 28 Jul 1872. ix. SAMUEL ARIEL MASTIN. He was born on 25 Sep 1877 in New York, USA. He married Maggie Morrow. They were married on 20 Nov 1905. He died on 19 Oct 1960 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA. x. JOHN MASTIN. He was born on 17 May 1878 in New York, USA. He married Maude Gertrude Furlong. They were married on 27 Mar 1905. He died on 16 Jun 1949 in Lockport, Niagara, New York, USA. xi. LEMON MASTIN. He was born on 28 Sep 1880. She married Clara Caskey. They were married on 20 Jan 1904. He died on 02 Nov 1962 in Honeoye, Ontario, New York, USA. Burial in Canadice Corners. xii. GROVER MASTIN. He was born on 03 Jan 1884 in New York, USA. He died on 06 Jan 1884. Verified in according to the family bible and Earl Mastin, son of Lemom, there was no Grover. Sources 1 Bible Records from Martha Marx, James & Betsy Jeffers. 2 Margerie Mastin. Historian 3 J.W. Snowgen Preparer: Bea Daggett Address: 2895 Field St Wellsville, NY 14895 Email:


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JOSEPHUS  HYDE  LOWREY   ( 12/2/1846 – 12/6/1919 )   			11/26/11

Joseph was born in the Town of Grove on 12/2/1846, the son of Philip and Harriett Hyde Lowrey.  
In 1850 he and his family were in the Town of Independence census.  Between 1850 and 1860 they 
moved to the Kysorville area.  Joseph's siblings were Lucinda (b.abt. 1845), James Frank (b.1850),
 Margaretta (b.1854-1855), and Malinda (b.1865).

Joseph enlisted in the 21st NY Cavalry on 1/3/1864 at Sonyea and was mustered into Company E 
on 1/14/1864 in West Sparta.  He was given a $50 “sign-up bonus”.  Records (Liber 69 page 222) 
show that he bought property for $200 in Kysorville on 3/28/1864.  The property was bordered by 
the Kysorville-Dansville road on the east, the Kysorville-Byersville road on the west, a gully 
on the north, and a school house lot on the south.  He sold the land in 1867.  He was discharged 
from Company C on 7/3/1866 at Camp Collins, Colorado.  Exploits of the 21st Cavalry can be found 
in the book SABRES IN THE SHENANDOAH by John C. Bronnell, Jr.  

Josephus married Mary Claus in November 1867.  She was born in Germany, probably Stralsund, 
and came to USA in 1853.  Mary’s parents were Michael (b. 4/15/1822  d. 12/13/1872) and 
Hellan (Knonel) (b. 8/10/1824  d. 6/14/1890).  Her siblings were:
	Charles (7/8/1849 – 9/1/1922)  m. Jennie Barcalo (1/26/1843 – 12/15/1898) -had no kids
	Michael b. around 1854 in USA.   married Mina lived in Schenectady
	Hellan (Ella) b. 1857  d. 1939  married Hartenstein
	Rose b. 1865  d. 1946  m. Robert McKay , had Carl and Helen lived in Mt. Morris

The Lowreys and Clauses were neighbors from at least 1860 when Joe was 13 and Mary was 9.  
In the 1860 and 1865 census Joseph and his family were in Kysorville, West Sparta .  
However, records show Joe as being in the cavalry in 1865 and his unit was en route to 
Colorado at census time.  

In the 1870 census for Groveland, Joseph, with Mary and baby Charles, were at house #252, 
the Claus's lived in #240 and Phillip's family (Joseph’s parents) lived at #255.  
It had to be pleasant.  For reference, the Shakers were in houses #237 and #238.

In 1875, Joe with Mary, Charles and William were in household #112 and Harriett's 
(Joseph’s widowed mother) family was at #113.  Phillip had probably died before 1875.  
I don't know where the Claus's were in 1875.

Joseph and Mary lived in Groveland in 1880, Mount Morris in 1900, and Nunda in 1910.

In 1915 Joseph and Mary bought 20 acres near Tuscarora on the South side of Hoagland 
Road about 100 feet west of Begole Road.  The 1917 Farmers' Directory lists him as a 
farmer, growing hay and beans.

Joseph died on 12/6/1919 and Mary died on 9/19/1920.  They are buried in Oakwood 
Cemetery in Nunda in Section c, lot 39 along with daughter-in-law Laura Lowrey 
(William's first wife) and Ethel Lowrey Smith (William's daughter from Laura).  
William bought the graves in 1903 when Laura died.  Joseph's brother Frank and 
Frank's wife Emma are in Section d, lot 38.  Elmer and wife Catherine are buried nearby. 

Josephus’s and Mary’s four children were:
Charles G.    b. 9/16/1868  d. 9/25/1943 
	William  b. 11/11/1871  d. 2/10/1937  
Elmer  b. 12/25/1876  d. 8/4/1921 
Fred  b. 11/19/1878  d. 8/24/1937  6 months after William

Charles m. Grace M. VanOrnsdale,(Van Orsdale .. Van Arsdale) b.9/18/1877 d.8/24/1953 
and had 3 dau., Ruth, Irene, Mary, and one son Gordon.  A Daisy Lowrey died on 12/11/1900, 
age 8.  Newspaper states that she was daughter of Elmer but the 1900 census shows her 
in the household of Charles and identifies her as daughter.  Elmer would have been 
only 15 when Daisy was born but so too was Grace.  See Elmer for her.
Ruth (b.7/28/1894 d.2/86) m. Charles W Potter had a son and a daughter who are still 	
Irene (5/9/1896 - 10/14/1980) m. Willard Morris (b. 3/1871) had one son still living 
in 			Webster who had a son and 3 daughters
Mary I. (1904 - 4/1986) never married ...died in Florida.  
Gordon (1/31/1907 - 1/1969) m. Alberta L. Swan and had 
	Betty ( 1929 - 3/6/2002) m. living lived in Medina, had 2 kids
		Chris ..deceased had a son and a daughter

William first married Laura Merrithew (b. abt. 1873  d. 3/23/1900 ) and had two daughters:
	Neva Marjorie b. 10/6/1893  d. 6/1968  lived in Rossburg, married L D Reynolds
	Ethel Strayline  b. 9/4/1896  d. 7/16/1919  lived in Tuscarora, m. Walter Smith 3/16/1917
Laura is probably buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Nunda with her daughter 	            
Ethel and her in-laws Joseph and Mary who died in 1919 and 1920.  William bought the 
plots on 3/24/1900 .. Laura died 3/23/1900
He then married Ida Nell Reynolds Hadsell (b, 5/21/1876  d. 1/20/1945) and had four kids:
	Lyman C. b. 4/11/1902  d. 3/1977  lived in Nunda
	Philip R. b. 8/30/1907  d. 3/22/1968 lived in Buffalo
	Roland J. b. 5/6/1909  d. 2/5/1990  lived in Rossburg
	William R. b. 2/16/1916  d. 10/22/1998  lived in Clearwater, FL
Neva m. LD Reynolds (Ida’s cousin) and  had 2 daughters, Georgia and Ethel.  
	Georgia m. Alfred Ludwig  and had Living son, Larry, and Brenda.
			Larry James 1939 - 1942 died playing in a car.
			Brenda Sue  3/2/1943 - 10/1984 m. Living on 7/23/1966 had   						
			a son and a daughter 

Ethel m. Frank Stenshorn had 4 sons and lived in Fairport, NY 
Ethel m. Walter Smith.  She died at age 22 and probably didn’t have any kids. They lived 		
on Union Corners Rd. in Tuscarora. 

Lyman m. Martha Welch (5/16/1909-Jan. 1981), lived in Nunda and FL.  Had no kids

Philip m. Mary Magee lived in Buffalo NY
		Robert ( 1/5/1931-11/1/2008 ) and 3 other children
Roland m. Letha Jones and lived in Rossburg, NY and had 2 daughters

William m. Jean Gillespe and had 1 son

		William then m. Phyllis Baker (5/16/1928 – 3/15/1997) had daughter, who lives 				
		in Florida. 

Elmer  b. 12/25/1876  d. 8/4/1921  He m. Catherine Ess (1876-2/14/1959). They had two kids. 
Catherine(Carolyn-Carrie) and Joseph.  Newspaper (Mount Morris Union 12/13/1900 page 2) 
states that  Daisy, daughter of Elmer died on 12/11/1900 age 8.
	Daisy (6/12/1892-12/11/1900) 
	Carrie (7/15/1901-4/1968) m. Samuel Little and probably had no kids.
	Joseph (12/20/1906-11/1970) m. Onnolee Sprague ( 3/17/04- 12/25/90 ) and 
            	had no kids.
	1930 census of Dansville has Catherine with Carrie and Joe.
Newspaper reports that Elmer had recently moved to Dansville from Tuscarora and was 
working as an auto mechanic and while cranking an engine the crank handle flew off 
and hit him in the face.  He died about a week later.

Fredrick m. Nellie Johnson on 5/24/1899 and had one son and two daughters.
	Fred (6/2/1905-1982) 
	Clara (11/17/1907-9/12/2000) m. Ward Traxler and had three sons
		Clyde (10/16/1931 –7/27/2002) 
		Hugh (9/7/1934-1/5/1995)
	Jane (2/4/1916-10/18/1986) m. Ed Stoner and a son and two daughters

Penn. RR timetable for 1923 shows 2 northbound trains passing through Rossburg 
(8:15 am and 4:46 pm) weekdays and 1 - 4:46 pm on Sundays and through 
Tuscarora .. a 1 hr. ride.  Similar schedule for southbound leaving Tuscarora 10:00 am 
everyday and 6:30 pm on weekdays.  So it wasn't too hard for William to stay in touch with his family.

50th Wedding Anniversary: Page 3 of the Tuesday, November 06, 1917, edition of the 
“Rochester Democrat and Chronicle” Rochester NY Democrat Chronicle 1917 - 6985.pdf 
 Married Fifty Years. – HAD AN EVENTFUL CAREER – Mr. Lowrey enlisted When Only 17 
 Years Old – Later Rode Express and Guarded Stage to Salt Lake City — Both Are Well 
 and Hearty – Mount Morris, Nov. 6. – Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lowrey are observing the 
 fiftieth anniversary of their wedding by a few days’ visit at the home of their son, 
 William, at Rossburg. Mr. Lowrey was born in the town of Grove, Allegany county, 
 December 2, 1846. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the Twenty-first Regiment, New York 
 Cavalry, giving his age as 18, “one big lie that he soon was sorry be had old,” as he 
 says in his fascinating war-time reminiscences. His war record covers the final two 
 and a-half years of the struggle, after which be served another year in the 
 “Pony Riders Express,” guarding the stage over the Ben Holiday line from La Army to 
 Salt Lake City, from the menace of Indiana and outlaws. In November, 1867, he was 
 married to Miss Mary Claus. All of their married life has been spent in this vicinity. 
 For many years Mr. Lowrey worked for the Shakers at Sonyea. Mr. and Mrs. Lowrey have 
 four sons, Charles, of Dansvllle, William of Rossburg, Elmer, of Nunda, and Fred, of
  Mount Morris. Mrs. Lowrey was born in Germany and came to this country when a child. 
  She is a woman of delightful personality, genial and vivacious. Mr. Lowrey is in excellent 
  health, does considerable farm work and says he would enlist now if he could have a horse to ride.” 

JAMES FRANK LOWREY - 11/6/1850 - 3/4/1903                        5/8/11

James, normally know as Frank, was the son of Philip and Harriett Hyde Lowrey and the 
brother of Lucinda, Joseph, Margaretta, and Malinda.  He married twice.  His first wife, 
Myrtle Lee (1863-1/1889), daughter of Charles Lee and Margaret Levey, gave him 3 children; 
namely, Mary, Alice, and Albert.  He then married Emma Jane Crowley and she gave 
him 5 children; namely, Elizabeth, Georgia, Clarence, Ruth L., and Flora.
 Census of 1900 for Mount Morris, newspaper reports, and other data show children as:
	Mary A. 6/1879 - 5/15/1952		Elizabeth  12/13/1893-10/3/1956
	Alice   6/6/1886 -8/3/1956		Georgia    11/19/1895-7/1951
	Albert  6/1886 - 10/20/1918		Clarence   7/1898-?
						Ruth L.  3/7/1901-9/17/1971
						Flora   10/11/1902 -8/3/1987
Frank and Emma are buried in Nunda at Oakwood Cemetery in Sec D lot 38.

Mary A. married William Edwards on 8/15/1903 and the 1920 census shows 12 year old daughter Beulah 
and 3 yr old daughter Myrtle.  They lived in the Tuscarora, NY area.
	Beulah 11/18/1907 - 8/6/1998 married twice.  First to a Johnson and had
		 William 1927 - 1/1/1994 who m. Elizabeth and had 2 daughters and a son
		Secondly married Gordon Ricketts 4/21/1907 - 3/22/1995 lived in Greigsville. 
		In 1957 they owned the Countryside Inn at the corner of routes 20 and 36 in Caledonia.
	Myrtle 5/8/1916 - 3/22/1992 married Robert Evans and had a son.  She moved to Lockport.

Alice married Albert Miller. They lived in Warsaw and had no children.  

There is a little confusion over Albert.  His sister Mary had a sister-in-law, 
Catherine (Katie) Edwards, who was married to an Albert Lowrey.  Probably our 
Albert but 1910 census shows Katie as married and she and her 2 year old 
daughter Alberta (Maude) living with Katie's 55 year widowed mother with no 
mention of Albert.  They were living "next door" to Charles Claus on Begole 
Road near Hoagland.  Charles was Joseph Lowrey's brother-in-law.  Also, somewhat 
interesting, in 1910 another family was living with the widowed Charles Claus 
and it probably was Katie's sister Allie's family (husband Alvah Raymond Levey, 
Allie Edwards Levey, and son Alvah Raymond)  The 1915 census shows Albert living 
with his sister Mary's family but no mention of Katie.  In 1918 Albert moved to 
Homewood, IL, caught pneumonia and died.  The 1920 census of Nunda shows a 
Katie A. Lowrey with 12 year old daughter Maude C. (Alberta?) in house # 231.

Elizabeth married George Peterson and settled in Rochester.
Georgia married Grant Ellis and had 4 boys and 1 girl.
Clarence married Edith McLeod and may have settled in Broome County.
Ruth L.* married Harry Barber, had 2 boys and 3 girls and settled in Perry, NY.
Flora married twice -first to Edward DeGroat, then to Burr Miller.  They lived in Hornell.

Frank was a railroad gandy dancer and had lived most of his life in the Kysorville, Sonyea, 
and Tuscarora areas.  When he died his widow Emma bought property near her parents in Oakland 
just west of Nunda altho Emma with 4 kids and her father show up in the 1910 Hornell census. 
Emma shows up in Cuylersville with a Clarence and “5” children in the 1917-1922 Rural 
Directory of Livingston County.

*Ruth's great grandson, Randy Knowles, developed a family tree for Frank Lowrey's descendants on 

LUCINDA ANN, MARGARETTA AND MALINDA LOWREY 11/27/08 Lucinda Ann, Margaretta and Malinda were the daughters of Philip and Harriet Hyde Lowrey. They were raised in the town of Groveland around Kysorville and Sonyea. Lucinda Ann b. 12/1843 d. 11/19/1916. Margaretta b. 9/1854 d. bet. 1900 and 1910 Malinda b. 11/1864 d. 12/1937 Lucinda Ann married a widowed neighbor, Staats Thompson of West Sparta, who had 2 kids; Abram Schuyler and Staats. In 1860 West Sparta Stats Sr. was living with his mother and siblings and Abram S. in house #421. Lucinda Ann, 17, was living with her parents in house #439. Stats Jr. was living with an older couple (his first wife's parents) named Passage, house #523, next door to Staats Sr.'s brother Henry. My hunch is that Staats' first wife, Elizabeth, died between 1852 and 1860 and Schuyler and Staats Sr. moved in with Staats' mother. Staats Jr. went to live with the Passages. Staats Sr. and Lucinda Ann married between 1860 and 1864 and had 6 kids: Charles 1865 Elizabeth 1872 Josephus 1877 Willie 1868 Catherine 1874 Jay 1888 In 1870, Staats Jr. and Schuyler and Schuyler's wife Bell (Belvia), were living with Staats Sr. and Lucinda Ann along with Charley and Willie. Margaretta married Loami Pelton and they were living in Cuylersville in 1880 and 1900. The 1900 census shows a son, 14, Luther who was Luther Cleveland. Cleveland became a vet and lived in Seattle, WA with wife Grace Goodnow. I believe that they had no kids. Malinda married John Henry Strayline and they were living in Cuylersville in 1900. John probably died between 1900 and 1910 and Malinda continued to live there until her death in late December, 1937. They had a son John, b. 1902, who was still living with Malinda in 1930. He died in Perry, NY on 1 Dec. 1959. An interesting aside. In 1880 John Henry Strayline was living with his mother 12 houses from Margaretta Pelton. John’s brother was 5 houses from the Peltons. My guess is that when Malinda’s mother died after 1880 Malinda went to live with her sister Margaretta and met John Henry.

Submitted by Lyman Lowrey, November, 2011.

January, 2012 UPDATE

Lucinda Ann (b. 12/1843 or 1842 d. 11/19/1916) was the daughter of Philip Lowrey and
 his second wife Harriet Hyde  and the sister of Josephus, James Frank, Margaretta 
 Pelton, and Malinda Strayline..  She was born in the Town of Independence, Allegany 
 County, and raised in the town of West Sparta around Kysorville.  
Lucinda Ann married a widowed neighbor, Staats (Voorhes Davidse) Thompson 
(11/1822 - 5/1901) of Kysorville who had 2 children; Abram Schuyler and Staats (Jr.) 
from a previous marriage to Elizabeth Ann Passage.    According to the 1900 census 
Staats and Lucinda were married 39 years, therefore probably married late 1860 or 1861.  	

Staats' first wife, as reported on family trees on, died in 1858.  
In 1860 West Sparta the widowed Staats (Sr) was living with his mother and siblings 
and son Abram S. (Schuyler) in house #421.  Lucinda Ann Lowrey, 17, was living with 
her parents in house #439 about a ¼ mile away.  Staats Jr. was living with his maternal 
grandparents John and Catherine Passage, house #523, next door to Staats Sr.'s brother Henry. 

Lucinda had 6 children with Staats but only 4 were living at the time of the 1900 census.
                   Children were:
	Charles 1865-10/30/1890   Elizabeth 1872 -before 1900	Josephus 9/1876 - 1/13/1949
	William 1868		        Catherine 2/1874-11/6/1927	Jay  9/1888 - 1958 
In 1865 Ann (Lucinda) and Staats were living in Kysorville in the frame hotel that they 
owned with Schuyler and Staats (Jr).

In 1870 Staats Sr. and Lucinda Ann along with Charley, Willie, Staats Jr. and Schuyler 
and Schuyler's wife Bell (Belvia) were living together in West Sparta.  Census shows 
Ann's age as 48 and not 28 which was probably an enumerator's mistake. 

In 1880, house #160, there were Staats Sr., Lucinda A., Charley, Willie, Elizabeth, 
Catherine, and Josephus.  
In 1900, house #184, were Staats, Ann, and Jay H., 11 years old and in 1910, house #112, 
there were Ann L. and Jay H.
Schuyler (11/1847 - 4/2/1921) married Belvia L. Hartman (8/1852 - 12/27/1929) and had 
daughter Minnie and stayed in West Sparta and is in the 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses.  
Minnie (6/1875 - 1960) married John Moffat (12/1870 - 1917).  She shows up in the 1880 
through 1930 West Sparta censuses.  The 1900 census shows John and Minnie as 
married 8 years (about 1892) and having lost 2 children before 1900.  John's cousins 
report that John and Minnie had 7 children and 5 died young from a flu epidemic.  Lila 
and Lenabelle were in the 1910 census.  Lenabelle was with Minnie in the 1930 Census.  
John, Minnie, and Lila are buried in Oaklawn cemetery.  Some of the other children are 
buried in Kysorville cemetery.
Lila (Leila) (3/1900 - 1960) m. John B. Cosline of Buffalo.  The 1928 Buffalo Directory 
shows John living alone at 349 Roslyn and the 1933 Directory shows Lila living there alone.  
John may have died or left.  Lila reverted to her maiden name and returned to West Sparta 
to be a teacher at the Red School House.  There is a John Cosline in later Buffalo directories.
Lenabelle (Lena) (9/28/1908-10/1979) m. Stephen M. Holleran (10/11/1909 - 6/17/1972) 
of Elmira in mid Aug. 1941.  They had a daughter.  In the 1949 Elmira City Directory 
they lived at 417 ½ W Clinton.  Lenabelle was a teacher at School 11 and Stephen worked 
at the Elmira Refornatory.
Staats Jr. (as States) (1852 - 1917) and wife Mary E. Coe (1857 - 1915) show up in 
Portage in 1900 with 5 children and in Nunda in 1910.  His children and some descendants 
are in family trees on under Staats or States. 
	Floyd, 11/1878 - 7/12/1944, m. Mabel Wilmarth, 1884 - 3/12/1949, and had 5 sons 
	and 4 			daughters.
	Elizabeth F. (Lizzie), 11/1882 - 1/28/1951, m. Clark R. Berry, had no recorded children
	Jessie Mae, 7/23/1888 - 7/4/1949, m. Frank Butler and had 1 son and 8 daughters.
	Lewis Coe, 4/11/1892 - 11/3/1917, m. G. Halstead, had Bernard 1916 - 1991
	Clayton, 4/1897 - 3/4/1976, had 1 child, that I know of, probably a son b. 1922

Charles (Charley) died at age 24 in a horrible accident.  According to reports in 
newspapers, including the Mount Morris Union Constitution of 11/6/1890, Charles was 
helping to butcher some pigs and while dragging a carcass to the scalding vat his 
hook broke and he fell, head first, into the boiling water.

William according to two newspaper reports was living in Grand Rapids, MI in 1921.

Elizabeth died before the 1900 census and details of her life are elusive.

Catherine married Charles S. Kennedy (b. 11/1865) (son of Thomas Kennedy and Minerva Frazer).  
They show up in the 1900 census with Charles mother Minerva and the census shows them
 married 1 year (1899) and having 1 child that died before the 1900 census.  Catherine, 
 as Katherine, shows up in the 1910 and later censuses without Charles, but she is with 
 Grace (b.1901), Mildred (1903), & Dorothy (1906).  In 1910 West Sparta Hse# 103 
 (as Katharine Lemings - transcriber's poor eyesight) she has niece Jennie Thompson 
 (Joe's daughter) with her.  Later, Katherine is in Dansville.  She was killed in an 
 auto accident in Rochester, NY on 11/6/1927.  Her obit shows Charles as her husband.  
 Charles apparently had some medical or mental problems and may have been incarcerated.  
 When a relative died and named Charles in the will Catherine was named as his legal guardian,

Minerva Grace (7/23/1901 - 7/26/1991) m. David Caldwell (Colwell) (4/29/1895 - 4/1966)
 of Groveland and had 3 sons.  The surname varied from Colwell to Caldwell but SSDI and obits show Caldwell. 

Mildred Anna (5/12/1904 - 8/1975) m. George H. Rohnke (1/11/1903 - 4/1987) on 9/24/1938 and had 
	Daughter (7/2/1939) m. living
	Dorothy (9/16/1941 - 7/23/2005) m. living, lived in Monroesville, PA and they had
		2 sons and a daughter
According to the Rochester City Directory, in 1937 Mildred was working as a clerk in the same 
factory as George.  In 1940 they were living at 849 Glide and in 1948 they were at 30 Rosalind.

Dorothy m. a Truesdale …..she was the matron of honor to Mildred and was living in Washington, DC.  
May have remarried a Smith and had son Ray Smith. 
Josephus (as Joseph) is in 1900 Livonia census with wife Helen and daughter Jennie.  He and his 
family are shown in an tree titled Blackaby Family Tree.  It appears that he married 
Helen Coon, b. 5/1878, and had Jennie Kathryn (10/11/1896 - 1970) (Jane Gridley SSDI).  
Helen apparently died before 1910 and Jennie went to live with her Aunt Catherine - Katherine.  
On 10/25/1910 Joseph married Mary Lousia Matteson (1890 - 1918) and they had Edwin James (1911 - 1992) 
and Hazel Ruth (1916 - 1994).  It looks like two of Joseph's wives died young.  Edwin and Hazel 
went to live with their grandmother Matteson in Leicester, NY and in 1930 were with her in Detroit, 
Wayne County, MI at 7061 Senator Ave.  Joseph somehow got to Newburyport, MA where he died on 1/13/1949.

Jennie (aka Jane) married Charles R. Williams and had Helen and Lucille 
	Helen Isabelle (7/8/1916 - 3/11/1988) m. Douglas Brouwer Nevins on 7/30/1938 			
	(Brooklyn Daily Eagle 8/2/1938).  Lived on Long Island, had 3 daughters; 
	Lucille (8/17/1917 - 9/22/1987) m. James D. Morgan (2/13/1915 - 3/1993) 
		lived in Dansville and had no children.
		Jennie m 2nd Kenneth L. Gridley (b 1912 Alfred d 2003 Bath)

Edwin married Catherine Stivic and had Norman Joseph (1938 - 2001) and a daughter.
	Norman married twice, a Stevens and a Sebis and had one daughter.

Hazel married Clayton Harris and had Mae Lousia (1935 - 1988)
	Mae married Lawrence Blackaby and had a son and a daughter.

Jay H. shows up in the 1920 and 1930 North Dansville censuses with wife Cora Chesbro (1886 - 1953) 
and daughter Dorothy.  He was raised around Kysorville and Byersville. He, Cora, and Dorothy were 
living on Old Canal Road between Hartman and Dansville-Mount Morris Roads in the 1920 census.  
In 1930 they were on Cummersville Road.  Cora has a tombstone in Oaklawn cemetery next to
 Earl R.Jones (1893 - 1958) (father of Howard Jones).  Jay has a tombstone in Green Mount Cemetery.
       	Dorothy Onolee (1/20/1914 - 1/4/1997) married Howard Russell Jones (4/14/1916-3/1987???), 
		son of Earl Jones and Isabelle Moffat, on 5/28/1937 and had 			
		Floreine Anne (3/20/1938 - 12/7/2005) who married living, lived in 					
		Saratoga Springs and had
	Dorothy 2nd m. Paul H. Smith Sr. (2/13/1900 - 12/15/1995) son of Lemuel and Annette 			
	Kimble Smith

Lyman Lowrey   716 652 4955     96 Sigman Lane    Elma, NY   14059
The Picket Line Post on 24 Nov. 1916 reported the funeral of Lucinda Ann Thompson widow of Staats.
According to LDS data Staats (Lucinda's husband) died 5/3/1899 although he shows up in the 1900 census. 
 The Nunda News of 5/18/1901 reported that Staats," nearly 80, died recently".
In the 1850 census for West Sparta, in house #96 Staats was living with his first wife, Elizabeth, 
and Abram S (Schuyler)….3 years old.  In house # 57 were Staats parents plus his siblings Ellen, Ann 
(later Mrs. Andrew Kennedy), Henry, Peter, and Catherine.

Family Group Sheet
       Husband: William Sloan    
          Born: 31 Mar 1820          in York, Livingston, NY.  1
          Died: 19 Jun 1896          in Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA.  2
        Buried:                      in Mt View Cem, Altadena, Los Angeles, CA.  2
    Occupation:                      Stock Dealer  3,4
        Father: Josephus B. Sloan 
        Mother: Elizabeth Lnu 
          Wife: Mary (Celia) D. Williams     Other name Cecile Elizabeth Williams 
          Born: 11 Aug 1827          in Livonia, Livingston,NY  5
          Died: 16 Jun 1896          in Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA.  5
        Buried:                      in Mt View Cem, Altadena, Los Angeles, CA.  
        Father: Ara Williams 
        Mother: Lucinda _____ 
     M Child 1: Rush R. Sloan      
          Born:                      in 1841 Ohio  
          Died: 8 Mar 1862           in Yorktown, VA  6
        Buried:                      in Belleview Cemetery, Lyme Twp., Huron Co., OH  7
        Spouse: Mary E. Weeks  
     M Child 2: Henry F. Sloan      
    Occupation:                      Grain Dealer  4
          Born: 1849                 in Oh  4
          Died: 1900                 in Portland Twp., Erie Co., OH  
     F Child 3: Emma Sloan      
          Born: 1852                 in Oh  4
          Died: AFT 1880             in Portland Twp., Erie Co., OH  
        Spouse: William McCoy  b. ABT 1850  d. 1875-1880  
       Married: 14 Apr 1891          in Huron county, OH.  
     M Child 4: William Edward Sloan      
    Occupation:                      R/R Ticket Agent Big 4  8
          Born: 7 Apr 1855           in Milan, Erie, OH.  8,4
          Died: 26 Mar 1919          in Bellefontaine, Logan, OH.  9
        Buried: 29 Mar 1919          in Bellefontaine, Logan, OH.  9
        Spouse: Margaret (Maggie) Caskey  b. 11 Aug 1856  d. 28 Feb 1916  
       Married: 19 Jul 1882          in Logan Co., OH.  8
     M Child 5: Sidney Ebon Sloan      
    Occupation:                      Druggest  1
          Born: 1858                 in Portland Twp., Erie Co.,Oh  10,4
          Died: 16 Mar 1925          in CA  
        Spouse: Johanna Maria Von Lith  b. 10 May 1867  d. 13 Sep 1953  
       Married: 1900                 in   10
     F Child 6: ? Sloan      
          Born:                      in No Dates on stone  7
          Died:                      in   
        Buried:                      in Belleview Cemetery, Lyme Twp., Huron Co., OH  7
(1) 1880 United States Federal Census > Ohio > Erie > Sandusky > District 
(2) copy of obit. 
(3) 1860 United States Federal Census > Ohio > Huron > Bellevue. 
(4) 1880 census 3rd Ward, Sandusky, Erie, Ohio. 
(5) see Picture. 
(7) Belleview Cemetery, Lyme Twp., Huron Co., OH, 
(8) 1910 United States Federal Census > Ohio > Logan > Bellefontaine Ward 4 > 
District 133. 
(9) copy of  death certificate. 
Submitted by Dave Sloan, November, 2011.

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