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Events of long ago clipped from the files of the Dansville Express
March 23, 1950
By Fan Woolever


Kershner and Schubmehl’s new grocery was opened on Saturday.

Mooto (sic)claimed by the Breeze: “Keep your head cool and your newspaper hot.” Actual motto: “Pay up,” “Settle.”

C. Kramer is enjoying the Sanatorium Turkish baths in hopes to reduce his corporosity to two hundred pounds and keep it there.

Rev. Mr. Sherman who officiated in St. Peter’s Church a few weeks ago has accepted a call to become its rector. It is his intention to organize a boy choir, which will be a novelty.

C. W. Woolever purchased of M. Magin an Alderny cow which he considers one of the best in the county. Her mother was Col. Grant’s cow, a noted milker of pure strain. Mr. Woolever is stocking his little farm as fast as possible.

The first graduating class of the Union School has been organized: Max Sweet, president; Helen Edwards, vice-president; Vira Karcher, secretary and treasurer. Other members: Lilly Brayton, Jessie Osborn, Carrie Stone, Emma Tenny, Edward T. Fairchild.


Martin and Fred Remmel, formerly of this village but now doing business in Rochester, have let the contract for the erection of a large three story brick block at the corner of So. St. Paul St. and Hamilton Place.

John Mader has purchased the Fairchild property on Leonard St. and will move into it April 1.

Jack Pruner, the clerk at the Hotel Livingston, went to Canandaigua Wednesday to visit his brother who is dangerously ill.

The family of Rev. Seymour Moose have scarlet fever. Miss Nellie had just recovered when Willie was taken down with the same disease.

We will not see the smiling countenance of Frank VanHooser in Sparta for some time. He has gone to Scottsville to work with a portable sawmill.

Mr. Masten who has purchased the liquor business of Mr. Keyes is spoken of as a first-class business man and a reputable citizen. He has always lived in Conesus where he conducted a farm.


About sixty responded to the invitations issued by Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Maginley to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. When dinner was announced the guests gathered around a tastefully decorated table and were bountifully served with the viands of the farm that Mr. and Mrs. Maginley know so well will satisfy. The same was partaken with a relish. Many useful and nice culinary vessels were presented to the guests. After enjoying the royal hospitality the friends returned to their homes filled with fine food and gladness.

Recent deaths: Mrs. Carrie Tripp, Mrs. Daniel Burke, William Pruner, Hiram Becker.

Those participating in “Among the Breakers”: Raymond Fedder, Tom Lyons, Frank Eschrich, George Alberts, Frank Hubertus, Carl Mayer, Charlotte Hofschneider, Mary Geiger, Helen Hemmer.

Singing at the Methodist Church on Easter Sunday: H. Parker, Mrs. Nina Jacobs Wemett, Abbie Saltsman, Mrs. Lottie Peterson, J. M. Synder (sic), J. Edwin Burgess, Fred W. Peace, G. C. Tuller, Harriett Artman, Reta Collins.


Taking part in Rhetoricals at the High School: Thelma McCurdy, Walter Mooney, Beatrice Scherer, James Mooney, Thomas Forsythe, Alberta Truman, Emma Barber, Helen Johantgen, Carleton Moose. Brayton Magee is president of the Senior Class.

Cletus Maloney was given a surprise party Wednesday evening, March 24 on the occasion of his seventeenth birthday. He was presented a handsome gift.

Mrs. Jennie Clark Squires of Hornell has been chosen as Matron of the King’s Daughters Home.

The Protectives have purchased the Main St. block owned since 1870 by A. O. Bunnell.

Death’s rich harvest: Mrs. Mary Mannin, George H. Johns, Mrs. Catherine Knopf, Conrad Welch Belts, Miss Sophie Kiefer, Mrs. George R. Wright, E. J. Wooley, Mrs. Emmeline Curtis, Mrs. Axie Anne Steers.


Charles A. Brown presided at a meeting of the Men’s Club of the Presbyterian Church. Floyd M. Shepard who was at one time connected with a large cotton bleachery gave a very comprehensive talk on the processes involved in bleaching, dyeing and finishing of cotton goods.

Taking part in the school assembly: Eleanor Wright, Beatrice Conrad, Edythe Forsythe, Frances Perine, Betty Kennedy, Helen Hickey.

William Conklin suffered a sprained ankle while witnessing the basketball game in Rochester between Dansville and Corning.

Mrs. Floyd Grange and Mrs. Clarence Moose were gracious hostesses at a St. Patrick’s party which was attended by ten ladies. The supper was all that could be desired and proved that nothing had been left undone to provide for the inner man as well as the entertainment of their friends.

-- Contributed by Anne Magee Tanner

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