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BAILEY: Springwater (1800-1873)
BARBER: Avon (1840-1920)
BATES:HEMLOCK. Copyrighted.
BIXBY: Geneseo
BOSLEY: Geneseo *
BRACE: Portage
BRONSON: South Lima (early 1800's)
CARROLL: Groveland (1815)
CONKLIN: Scottsburg (1840)
GEIGER: Dansville (b. 1852)
EWART: Geneseo (1750-1812)
GRAY: Geneseo (early-late 1880's) *
GROVER: Groveland (ca 1830)
GULDNER: Conesus (1802-1861)
HAMSHER: Sparta (1800's) *
HARRISON: Groveland (1800's)
HAYNES: Geneseo (1762-1844)
HOWITT: Conesus (1826-1924)
HUBBARD: Dansville (b. 1852)
HUGHES: Sparta (1773-1845)
JEROME: Livonia (1830-1895) *
KELLY: Groveland (1799)
KIMBEL: Sparta (early 1800's) *
LACY: Avon (1816-1851)
LAKE: Mount Morris (1830)
LEAMING: Groveland (mid 1800's) *
LEMEN: Nunda (1815-1890)

LOWREY: Groveland (ca 1801-ca 1875)
MacLeod: Leicester (ca 1850-ca 1880)
McKERCHER: Leicester (mid 1800's)
MITCHELL: Springwater (1810-1901) *
MORRIS: Springwater (late 1800's)
MULLIGAN: Avon (1920)
O'CONNOR: Geneseo (Civil War Vet)
PACKARD: Nunda (1840-1890)
PARRISH: Avon (1820-1830)
PEASE: Livonia (1800's)
PHILHOWER: Conesus (1815-1900)
POTTER: Lima (mid 1800's) Bible Records
RATHBUN: Lima (1792-1813)
RAU: Sparta (1787-1884)
RICHARDSON: Leicester (1800's)
ROSEBRUGH: Groveland (1767-1850) *
SANFORD: Sparta (1744-1831)
SHUTT: Sparta (early 1800's) *
SMITH: Caledonia (1784-1865)
SWAN: Mount Morris (d. 1848)
THOMPSON: Geneseo (1830-1892)
TRESCOTT: Livonia (1800's)
VAN VALKENBURG: Dansville (b. 1861)
WARD: Groveland (1800's)
WEST: Livonia (1897-1971)
WILHELM: Sparta; Various
WILLIAMS: Dansville (1820-1897)
WOLCOTT: Geneseo (Aft. 1804-1819)
ZERFASS: North Dansville (1772-1837)

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