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Town of Lima - 1789

Livingston County, New York

LIMA---was formed, as "Charleston," in Jan. 27, 1789. Its name was changed April 6, 1808. It is the N.E. corner of the county. Its surface is undulating and hilly. It is drained cheifly by Honeoye Creek, which forms the E. boundry. The soil in the S.E. is clay and clay loam, and in the N.W. sandy and gravelly loam. Lima,(p.v.) near the center, was incorp. ---,----. It contains 4 churches, the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Genesee College, and about 1,200 inhabitants. South Lima.(p.v.)--Hamilton Station, on the B.N.Y. & E.R.R., - in the S.W. corner, contains 13 houses. Settlement was commenced by Paul Davidson and Jonathan Gould, from Penn., in 1788. The first religious society (Presb.) was organized Oct. 1, 1795, by Rev. Daniel Thatcher.


SIZE +/-
Baptist   South of village, on Rte 15A, near golf course. +100
Cummins Corner   North of village, off Rte 15A, on Corby Rd.  
New Methodist   In the village, on College Street (west of Rt. 15A).  
Oak Ridge   West of village, off Rt. 5 & 20, on Livonia Ctr Rd.  
Old Methodist   Center of village, on Rt. 15A (north of Rt. 5 & 20).  
St. Rose   In the village, off Buell Ave., end of Evergreen St. +500


TOWN CLERK : Town of Lima, 7329 East Main St., Lima, NY 14485
TOWN HISTORIAN: Doug Morgan, 7329 East Main St., Lima, NY 14485
LIBRARY : Lima Public Library, 1872 Genesee Street, Lima


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American Legion, Francis M. Dalton Post 282, Box 311, Lima
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kenneth B. Keating Post No.26, Lima


Elim Gospel Church, 7245 College Street, Lima, NY 14485 (585) 624-5560
Lima Baptist Church, 1575 Rochester Sreet, Lima (585) 624-3610
Lima Presbyterian Church, 7295 West Main Street, Lima (585) 624-3850
St.Rose Catholic Church, 1985 Lake Avenue, Lima (585) 624-1005


[Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Genesee College,] These institutions are located on a beautiful eminence in the N.W. part of the village. The seminary was founded in 1830 by the Genesee Conference of the M.E. Church. it was opened for pupils in 1822. The first building erected at a cost of $20,000, was destroyed by fire in May, 1842. The present building was immediately erected of brick, at a cost of about $24,000. It has a main S. front of 136 feet, with an E. and W. front, by wings extending back each 96 feet. Between these wings ia a paved court. A farm of 70 acres is attached to the institution. This seminary has sent out more students than any other institution in Western New York. The college was founded in 1849, has ==professorships, and is under the general supervision of the Genesee and East Genesee Conference of M.E. Church. (back)

[in 1788] Abner Miles, from Mass., settled in 1789; John Miner and Asahel Burchard in 1790; Steven Tinker and Solomon Hovey, from Mass., in 1791; and Col. Thomas Lee, Willard and Amasa Humphrey, Reuben and Gideon Thayer, Col. David Morgan, and Zebulon, Moses, Ashel, William, and Daniel H. Warner, from Mass., previous to 1795. The first marriage was that of Simeon Gray and Patty Alger, in 1793; the first death, that of Mrs. Abbott, mother of Mrs Paul Davidson, in 1791. John Sabin taught the first school, in 1792 and '93. Reuben Thayer kept the first inn, in 1793, and Tryon & Adams the first store, in 1794. The first sawmill was built by Reuben Thayer, in 1796; and Zebulon Norton built the first gristmill, in 1794. (back)

[religious society] The census reports 6 churches in town; M.E., Presb., Bap., Univ., Christian, and R.C. (back)

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