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Town of Mount Morris - 1818

Livingston County, New York

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MOUNT MORRIS---was formed from Leicester, April 17, 1818. It lies on the W. border of the co., S. of the center. Its surface is rolling and moderately hilly. It is drained by the Genesee River, which forms its N. and W. boundaries, Keshaqua Creek, which flows through the S.E. corner, and several small streams, its tributaries. The soil is clay loam. A part of the Gardeau Reservation was in the S.W. part of this town. Mount Morris, (p.v.) in the N. part, was incorp. May 2, 1835. It is on the G.V. Canal, and is the southern terminus of the G.V.R.R. It contains 5 churches, 2 furnaces, a print office, bank, machine shop, 3 flouring mills, a sawmill, papermill, and 1,851 inhabitants. Tuscarora,(p.v.) in the S.E. part, contains 2 churches, a gristmill, and 192 inhabitants; Brooks Grove, (p.v.) in the S. part, a church and 16 houses; Ridge, (p.v.) a church and 13 houses. River Road(River Road Forks p.o.) is a hamlet. Ebenezer Allen commenced settlement, in 1784 or '85. The census reports 9 churches in town.

Photo - 1907 view of Mount Morris

Notes from the Town Clerk
One of the first known citizens and founders of the town of Mount Morris,NY was General William A. Mills, who built the two brick houses that are still standing today in the northeast section of the village of Mount Morris. One house is at 14 Main Street and is owned and operated by the Mount Morris Historical Society, this was formally the home of General William A. Mills. House tours are given Friday, Saturday and Sunday noon to 4:00 PM in the summer or by appointment.

Mount Morris is the birthplace of Francis Bellamy, the author of the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag." John Wesley Powell, the first white man to navigate and chart the Colordo River was also born in Mt.Morris. Roscoe C. Barnes, the first batting champion of the National Baseball League, was born in Mount Morris, as well.

In 1794 the Genesee Valley Canal operated through Main Street from Rochester traveling south almost to Olean. The Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway have built hiking trails along some of the Canal route.

The Dansville-Mount Morris Railroad, the Erie Railroad Branch, Pennsylvania Railroad branch and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad from Buffalo to New York were all prominent in the area. All are gone now.

A popular attraction is the Mount Morris Dam, the largest concrete dam East of the Mississippi River. The dam project was authorized by Congress in the Flood Control Act of 1944 and constructed from 1948 to 1951 at the cost of $25 million. The project provides flood protection to farm lands, residential areas and industrial developments in the valley downstreams through Metropolitan Rochester to Lake Ontario. Visitors are welcome all year. A new visitors center is being constructed and will be open the summer of 1998.


SIZE +/-
Alvord Road abt1840 between Brooks Grove and Tuscarora, in Alford Road. +5
Chapel Hill ---- in village, on Chapel Street(Rte 408). +250
Dutch Street ---- north of Tuscarora, east side of Dutch Street ----
Mt. Morris ---- in village, corner of Rte 408 and Sand Hill Rd. 5000+
Oakhill 1853 southwest corner of town on St.Helena Rd., off Short Tract Rd. 500+
Riverview ---- west of Ridge, off Rte 408, on Ridge Rd. 100+
St.Patrick's ---- in village, on Murray Street ----
Scipio Road ---- south of Tuscarora, on Scipio Road ----


TOWN CLERK : Joyce Swanson, 103 Main Street, Mt.Morris,NY 14510
TOWN HISTORIAN : Nick LoVerde, 55 Murray Street, Mt.Morris,NY 14510
VILLAGE CLERK: Lois Sciotti, 117 Main Street, Mt.Morris,NY 14510
LIBRARY: Mount Morris Public Library, 121 Main St., Mt.Morris,NY


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Mount Morris Historical Society, 14 Main Street, Mt.Morris,NY (585)658-3292
American Legion, Harvey L. Brady Post 354, Box 262, Mt.Morris
Free and Accepted Masons, Mt.Morris Lodge #122, 18 Corners Ave., Mt.Morris
Knights of Columbus, Mt.Morris Council #411, Mt.Morris
Kiwanis Club, 20 Demonsville, Mt.Morris, NY 14510
Rotary Club, 128 Main St. Mt.Morris, NY 14510
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Lt.Thomas Boyd and Michael Parker Post 547, 19 Case St.


Elim Gospel Church, 101 Main Street, Mt.Morris, NY 14510 (585)658-2674
St. John's Episcopal Church, 23 State Street, Mt.Morris (585)658-4890
St. Patrick's Catholic Church, 46 Stanley Street, Mt.Morris (585)658-2110
United Church, State Street, Mt. Morris (585)658-658-2122
Village Baptist Church, 39 1/2 Chapel Street, Mt.Morris (585)658-3258


[MOUNT MORRIS] Named from Robert Morris. (back)

[Mount Morris] Formerly called "Allens Hill," from Ebenezer Allen, the first settler. Col. John Trumbull, of Revolutionary memory, at one time contemplated making it his place of residence. He planted an orchard, selected a site, and made some preparations for building. He changed the name to "Richmond Hill." When he abandoned the idea of settling here, the place received its present name. (back)

[Brooks Grove] Named from General Micah Brooks, one of the purchasers of the Gardeau Reservation, and who settled at this place. (back)

[in 1784 or '85] Among the early settlers were Benj. W. Rogers, Isaac Bronson, Gen. Mills, and Jesse Stanley, from Conn. The first store was kept by Ebenezer Allen, about 1790. He bought in a lot of goods from Philadelphia, for the purpose of trading with the Indians. The first mill was built about 1820, by William Shull. (back)

[churches in town] 2 Presb., 2 M.E., Meth.Prot., Bap., Prot.E., Ref.Prot.D., and R.C. (back)

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