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Town of Springwater - 1816

Livingston County, New York

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SPRINGWATER---was formed from Sparta and Naples(Ontario co.) April 17, 1816. It is the S.E. corner of the co. Its surface is very hilly, the highest summits being 600 to 1,000 ft. above the valleys. The principal stream is the inlet of Hemlock Lake, which flows N. through the town, W. of the center. Cohocton Rover rises in the S.E. part and flows S. into Steuben co. The soil is a sandy and gravelly loam. Springwater, (p.v.,) a R.R. station, N.W. of the center, contains 2 churches, a sah and blind factory, a sawmill, and 62 houses. East Springwater,(p.o.,) in the N.E., is a hamlet. The first settlement was made by Seth Knowles, from Conn., on Lot 18, about 1807. The first church (Bap.) was formed in 1816.


SIZE +/-
Ashley ---- southcenter of town, off Rte.15, on Ashley Rd. ----
Capron ---- at Springwater, on corner of Rte.15A and East Avenue. ---
Christian Church ---- northcenter of town, corner of Canadice Rd. and Wheaton Hill Road. ----
Erwin ---- northwest of town, on Carney Hollow Rd, north of Liberty Pole Rd. ----
Evergreen ---- north of Christian Church Cemetery, on Canadice Rd. ----
Fort Farm ---- northeast of town, on Dutch Hollow Road. ----
Green Gull ---- center of town, south end of Canadice Road. ----
Mount Vernon ---- west of Springwater, on Kellogg Road. ----
Pleasant Valley
---- east of town, on Tabor Corners Rd., at Punky Hollow. ----
Pleasant Valley
---- southwest of town, off Carney Hollow Rd., on Moose Road. +500


TOWN CLERK : Patricia Willsea, 8022 South Main Street, Springwater, NY 14560
TOWN HISTORIAN : Havilah Toland, Judy Tripp-Neu, 585-669-2683


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  • American Legion, Kern Robinson Post #905, Springwater, NY 14560
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[in 1807.] Among the other early settlers were Eber Watkins, Joshua erricks, Peter Welch, Adam Miller, and Samuel Hines, in 1808; Reuben and Phineas Gilbert, from Mass., in 1810; Hugh Wilson, Henry Cole, Samuel Sparks, James Blake, Benj. Livermore, and David Frazer. Jacob Cannon settled on the E. hill in 1812. The firstdeath was that of Mrs. Benjamin Farnham, in 1813, James Blake taught the first school, in 1813-14. Oliver Jennings kept the first inn, about 1815. Hosea H. Grover kept the first store, in 1815. The first sawmill was built by Samuel Hines, in 1809; and the first gristmill, by Hugh Wilson, in 1813. (back)

[formed in 1816.] There are 4 churches in town; Presb., Bap., M.E., Christian. (back)

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