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Town of West Sparta - 1846

Livingston County, New York

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WEST SPARTA---was formed from Sparta, Feb. 27, 1846. It is am interior town, S. of the center. Its surface is hilly, the summits being 500 to 700 ft. above the valleys. In the N.E. is an extensive marsh, known as the Canaseraga Swamp. Canaseraga Creek flows N. along the E. border. The soil is a clay loam in the N. and a sandy loam in the S. About one-half mi. N. of Byersville, in a small stream called Butter Brook, is a perpendicular fall of about 60 ft. Kysorville,(p.v.,) in the N. part, on the G.V. Canal, contains 79 inhabitants; Union Corners,(p.v.,) locally known as "Brushville," on the line of Mt.Morris, 2 churches and 17 houses; Byersville,(p.v.,) in the S. part, 61 inhabitants. Woodville, in the S.E. corner, is a hamlet. Settlement was commenced in the S. part, by Jeremiah Gregory, in 1795. The first church organization was Bap.


SIZE +/-
Byersville ---- southcenter of town, in Byersville, on Stoner Hill Rd. ----
Kysorville ---- on Kysorville-Byersville Rd., between north and southbound of Rte.390 +75
Oaklawn ---- on Redmond Rd., north of Byersville. ----
Union Corners ---- west borber of town, at Union Corners.(hidden from road) ----
Woodville ---- just outside Dansville, off Buck Road(now in the middle of field, since Rte.390 was built) +25


TOWN CLERK : Marge Cansdale, Town Clerk of West Sparta, Dansville, NY 14437
TOWN HISTORIAN : David Palmer, 585-335-6305, West Sparta Town Hall, 8302 Kysorville-Byersville Rd., Dansville, NY 14437


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[in 1795.] Among the other early settlers wre William Stevens, in 1796, Abel Willsey, in 1797, Benjamin Wilcox, in 1798, and Samuel McNair, in 1804. The first inn was kept at Kysorville, by Ebenezer McMaster, about 1820; the first store, at Union Corners, by Jonathan Russell, in 1823. The first wool-carding and cloth dressing mill was built by Benjamin Hungerford, in 1814; and the first gristmill, by Samuel Stoner, in 1823. (back)

[was Bap.] There are 4 churches in town; Presb., M.E., Bap., and Christian. (back)

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