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Town of York - 1819

Livingston County, New York

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YORK---was formed from Caledonia and Leicester, March 26, 1819. A part of Covington was annexed in 1823. It lies on the W. border of the co., N. of the center. Its surface is undulating, with a general inclination to the E. Brown and Calder Creeks flow E. through the central and N. parts. The soil in the center and S. is a clay loam, and in the N.E. part a sandy and gravelly loam. York Center (York p.o.) contains 4 churches and 321 inhabitants; Fowlerville (Inverness p.o.,) in the N.E. part, 2 churches, a machine shop, and 369 inhabitants; Griegsville, (p.v.,) in the S. part, a church and 22 houses; Piffardina, (Piffard p.o.,) in the S.E. part, on the G.V. Canal, a church and 23 houses. Settlement was commenced in the N.E.part, by several Scotch families, about the year 1800. The first church (Scotch Ref.Presb.) was formed in 1816.


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Inverness ---- northwest of town, off of McVean Rd and Batzing Rd. ----
Greigsville ---- southcenter of town, just south of Wadsworth, on Rte.36 ----
Job Wood ---- near Linwood, on Federal Road. ----
Old Scotch ---- in York, near Firehouse and Town Hall. ----
Olivet ---- west border of town, corner of Stewart Rd and Craig Rd. ----
Mt. Pleasant ---- south of Fowlerville, on Mt.Pleasant Road. ---
Pleasant Valley ---- between York and Greigsville, on corner of Retsof Rd. and Main St. ----
Toggletown ---- northeast border of town, on Telephone Rd.(Rte.20) ----


TOWN CLERK : Christine Arrigena, Town Clerk of York, York, NY 14592
TOWN HISTORIAN : Stephen Gates, 585-243-3680


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American Legion, Carlton Borse Post 1007, Leicester, NY 14481


Abbey of the Genesee, River Road, Piffard, NY 14533 (585)243-0660


[Fowlerville] Named from Wells Fowler, the first settler at the village. (back)

[a machine shop] Manufactures all kinds of agricultural implements, and turns out $70,00 to $80,000 worth of goods per year. (back)

[Piffardina] Named from David Piffard, a prominent settler at this place. (back)

[about the year 1800.] Among the early settlers were Donald and John McKenzie, Angus McBean, John and Alexander Frazer, Archibald Gillis, and John McCall. David Martz was an early settler. John Russ, frmo Vt., settled at the center, in 1807; Ralph Brown, in 1808; John Darling, frmo Vt., in 1809; and James Calder in the N. part of the town. The first birth was that of Angus McKenzie. The first inn was kept by Nathan Russ, in 1817; the first store, by Chandler Piersons, in 1816. Ralph Brown built the first gristmill, in 1818. (back)

[in 1816.] The census reports 9 churches in town; 2 Presb., 2 M.E., Bap., Cong., Asso.Presb., Asso.Ref.Presb., and Ref.Presb. (back)

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