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Edward Moran

Wife: Mary
Children: Frank, Frederick, Charles, William, Mary Ann

Livingston County Surrogate’s Court

Last Will and Testament of

Edward Moran, Deceased

Be it Remembered, That heretofore, to wit: on the 7th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine [sic]

Frank Moran the

Executor named in the Last Will and Testament of Edward Moran late of the Town of Avon in the County of Livingston, deceased, appeared in open Court, before the Surrogate of the County of Livingston, and made application to have the said Last Will and Testament which relates to both Real and Personal Estate, proved; and on such application the said Surrogate did ascertain by satisfactory evidence who were the heirs at law and next of kin of the said testator, and their respective residences, and said Surrogate did thereupon issue a Citation in due form of Law, directed to the said heirs at law and next of kin, by their respective names, stating their respective places of residence, requiring them to appear before said Surrogate at his office in the Village of Geneseo, in said County, on the 31st day of July A.D. 1899, to attend the Probate of said Will,

And afterwards, to wit: on the 31st day of July A.D. 1899, satisfactory evidence by affidavit was produced and presented to said Surrogate, of the due service of said Citation in the mode prescribed by law, and on that day, no one appearing to oppose the Probate of such Will, such proceedings were thereupon had is said Court afterwards, that the said Surrogate took the proofs of said Will hereinafter set forth, upon this 31st day of July A.D. 1899 and he thereupon adjudged the said Will to be a valid Will of Real and Personal Estate, and the proofs thereof to be sufficient which said Last Will and Testament and proofs are as follows, that is to say:

I, Edward Moran, of Avon, Livingston County, New York, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say:

First: I give, bequeath, and devise all the property, both real and personal of which I may possessed and seized to to my wife, Mary Moran, for and during the terms of her natural life; and from and immediately after her decease, I give, bequeath and devise my house and all the household furniture therein contained and of which I die possessed, together with the land connected with said house and lying in the south side of the highway running east and west past my residence, to my daughter Mary Ann Moran, her heirs and [?] forever.

Second: From and immediately after the decease of my said wife, I give and devise all that piece and parcel of land of which I may die seized and which lies in the corporation of the Village of Avon and on the north side of the afore mentioned highway to my executor hereundafter named, to be by him, sold and converted into money and from and out of the proceeds of such sale I order & direct my said executor to [?] to himself the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, which be so to accept and I hereby give him in full payment of my indebtedness to him, and out of the residue of such proceeds he is to pay my son, Frederick, the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, which sum I hereby give and bequeath to him, and the residue of said proceeds he is to pay over in equal parts to my sons, Charles and William, which fore mentioned residue I give and bequeath to my said sons, Charles and William in equal parts.

Third: I order and direct, and it is my will, that my said Executor out of the [?] & profits of the piece of land lying north of said highway shall pay to my said daughter, Mary Ann, the sum of two dollars and fifty cents per week from and immediately after my decease for each and every week subsequent to my death during which she shall remain and work and care for my wife and that said sum shall be paid as nearly as possible at the end of each week, and in the event that such [?] and profits shall be inadequate for [?] purpose, or should [?] care and maintenance of my said wife require it in the judgment of my executor, then & in [?] event, I hereby expressly authorize, empower and direct my said executor to raise such sum or sums of money as he may deem necessary for such purposes, or either of them, by executing, acknowledging and delivering his [bank?] as such executor together with a mortgage on said piece of land lying north of said highway, as collateral to said bank and this I authorize him to do, at any time during the lifetime of my said wife and notwithstanding the devise of the [?] estate to her.

Fourth: All the rest, residue and remainder of my property, I give, bequeath and devise to my executor to be by him added to the proceeds of the sale of said land and distributed to same as such proceeds are [?] to be distributed.

Lastly I hereby appoint my son, Frank Moran, to be the executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In [?] I have hereunto set my name this 14th day of April 1899.

Edward Moran

We whose names are hereto subscribed, do certify that Edward Moran, the testator subscribe his name to this instrument in our presence & in the presence of each of us, at the same time, in our presence and hearing, declared the same to be his last will and testament, and requested us and each of us, to sign our names thereto as witnesses to the execution thereof which we hereby do in the presence of the testator, of each other, on the day of the date of said will, and [?]

Wm Carter residing at Avon, NY
John S Trigle[?] “ “

Contributor: Kelly Moran

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