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Charles Carroll (1767-1832)

Landed Gentry "Charles Carroll of Bell Vue"

Born in Carrollsburg, Maryland;
died in Town of Groveland, Livingston County, NY.

Established the "Hermitage" estate at Williamsburgh.

Wife: Ann. Children: Jane, Hannah, Ann, Elizabeth,
Henry, Charles, Daniel, William.

Repository: Livingston County Courthouse, Geneseo, NY.
Miscellaneous Records, Book 1, pgs 98-100; recorded 18 Sep 1824.

CARROLL, Charles -- Groveland; 14 Sep 1823, Livingston County at Geneseo, New York.

NOTE: The will says, "Charles Carroll of Belle Vue". This refers to his title as an estate holder, rather than his place as residence. Belle Vue was the name of his manorial estate near Hagerstown, Maryland. It was his family's custom to attach the name of the estate to the lord of the estate in order to distinquish one such name from another.

In this will, there is no provision for his eldest son, Henry Carroll. Henry had been murdered by Richard Gentry, in Missouri while the family lived there briefly.

In the name of God amen. I Charles Carroll of Belle Vue do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me heretofore make, First, I will and devise that all my just debts be fully and speedily paid. I leave unto my dearly beloved wife one third part of my Real Estate which may remain after my debts are paid, during her life and all my personal Estate to dispose of as she sees fit and proper. I also leave unto her Ten thousand Dollars to be paid as soon as my esecutor hereafter named can raise the money by the sale of any part of my estate or that amount of real estate at her option to be conveyed unto her in fee by my executor. I leave unto my daughter Jane Maria Tabbs Four hundred acres of land in Livingston County state of New York. Two hundred of which to be laid off at the place she built on, the remaining Two hundred acres to be the average value of my land in said county, the whole of which bequest I leave unto her heirs forever and it is my will and desire that no account is to be taken of what I may have heretofore given her. I also give unto my said daughter Jane Maria Tabbs one seventh part of all the rest of my real and personal estate to her and her heirs forever, making the Four hundred acres of land herein bequeathed a part of one seventh part. To my daughters Hannah Lee Carroll, Ann Rebecca Lane, and Elizabeth Barbara Carroll, I leave to them and their heirs, each one seventh part of my real and personal estate. To my sons Charles Holker Carroll, Daniel Joseph Carroll and William Thomas Carroll I leave unto them and their heirs each one seventh part of my real and personal estate. I further leave unto my son Charles Holker Carroll and his heirs Ten thousand dollars to be raised from the sales of my real estate or any part thereof he may think proper, or he may have his choice of one thousand acres of land on the Hermitage Tract for that amount to hold to him and his heirs forever. And this is given him for the trouble he has had or may have in the settlement of my affirs and to indemnify him for the loss he has sustained in his profession. And I further declare that it is my will and intention that the one seventh bequeathed to my children is not to be apportioned among them untill this sum of Ten thousand dollars is taken out, as also the Ten thousand dollars heretofore bequeathed to my dear wife Ann Carroll nor untill all my just debts shall be provided for or paid out of said estate, and then the residue to be divided as devised. It is further my express will and desire that all the debts of any and every sort or kind which may be due and oweing me at the time of my death shall be applied towards the payments of any debts which I may at that time owe and to no other purpose whatever. I do further nominate and appoint my son Charles Holker Carroll my sole esecutor of this my Last Will and Testament with full power to sell and dispose of any part or portion or the whole of my real estate whereever situate the same may be and make deeds for the same which shall convey all my right and title to the same and be conclusive against my heirs or any person claiming by from or under me. And I do hereby clothe him will full powers to sell or convey in fee simple or to lease or mortgage any lands I own in any part of the United States in order and for the purpose and none other mentioned above, that is to say for the payment of the debts and legacies aforesaid and for the equal division of the balance among my said seven children should a sale for the latter purpose be deemed nescessary and proper by my said executor. And I do further invest my said son Charles Holker Carroll with full power in case of accident to him to appoint another executor or executors with similar powers hereby granted to him. And lastly I do hereby make publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament, annulling and revoking all other wills heretofore made by me. In willness whereof, I have unto set my hand and seal this Fourteenth day of September in the year of our Lord 1823.

Witnesses: Wm Fitzhugh, Henry Fitzhugh, Horatio Jones Jr, Richard P. Fitzhugh, Cyrus Wells.

Contributors note: Both the Hermitage and the Village of Williamsburgh have both vanished like dust in the wind.

All that remains, is an abscure historical marker and a small, remote rural cemetery with gravestones that look out-of-place in an area settled mostly by pioneer farmers. Only the Wadsworths of Geneseo, can give us a glimpse of the granduer that once was, in the now extinct, Williamsburgh.

Charles Carroll is buried in Williamsburgh Cemetery - Town of Groveland.

Contributor: Liz Cornish.


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