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JOSEPHUS HYDE  LOWREY   ( 12/2/1846 - 12/6/1919 )   			11/26/11

Joseph was born in the Town of Grove on 12/2/1846, the son of Philip and Harriett Hyde Lowrey.  
In 1850 he and his family were in the Town of Independence census.  Between 1850 and 1860 they 
moved to the Kysorville area.  Joseph's siblings were Lucinda (b.abt. 1845), James Frank (b.1850), 
Margaretta (b.1854-1855), and Malinda (b.1865).

Joseph enlisted in the 21st NY Cavalry on 1/3/1864 at Sonyea and was mustered into Company E 
on 1/14/1864 in West Sparta.  He was given a $50 "sign-up bonus".  Records (Liber 69 page 222) 
show that he bought property for $200 in Kysorville on 3/28/1864.  The property was bordered by 
the Kysorville-Dansville road on the east, the Kysorville-Byersville road on the west, a gully 
on the north, and a school house lot on the south.  He sold the land in 1867.  He was discharged 
from Company C on 7/3/1866 at Camp Collins, Colorado.  Exploits of the 21st Cavalry can be found 
in the book SABRES IN THE SHENANDOAH by John C. Bronnell, Jr.  

Josephus married Mary Claus in November 1867.  She was born in Germany, probably Stralsund, 
and came to USA in 1853.  Mary's parents were Michael (b. 4/15/1822  d. 12/13/1872) and Hellan 
(Knonel) (b. 8/10/1824  d. 6/14/1890).  Her siblings were:
	Charles (7/8/1849 - 9/1/1922)  m. Jennie Barcalo (1/26/1843 - 12/15/1898) -had no kids
	Michael b. around 1854 in USA.   married Mina lived in Schenectady
	Hellan (Ella) b. 1857  d. 1939  married Hartenstein
	Rose b. 1865  d. 1946  m. Robert McKay , had Carl and Helen lived in Mt. Morris

The Lowreys and Clauses were neighbors from at least 1860 when Joe was 13 and Mary was 9.  
In the 1860 and 1865 census Joseph and his family were in Kysorville, West Sparta .  However, 
records show Joe as being in the cavalry in 1865 and his unit was en route to Colorado at census time.  

In the 1870 census for Groveland, Joseph, with Mary and baby Charles, were at house #252, 
the Claus's lived in #240 and Phillip's family (Joseph's parents) lived at #255.  It had to 
be pleasant.  For reference, the Shakers were in houses #237 and #238.

In 1875, Joe with Mary, Charles and William were in household #112 and Harriett's 
(Joseph's widowed mother) family was at #113.  Phillip had probably died before 1875.  
I don't know where the Claus's were in 1875.

Joseph and Mary lived in Groveland in 1880, Mount Morris in 1900, and Nunda in 1910.

In 1915 Joseph and Mary bought 20 acres near Tuscarora on the South side of Hoagland Road 
about 100 feet west of Begole Road.  The 1917 Farmers' Directory lists him as a farmer, growing hay and beans.

Joseph died on 12/6/1919 and Mary died on 9/19/1920.  They are buried in Oakwood Cemetery 
in Nunda in Section c, lot 39 along with daughter-in-law Laura Lowrey (William's first wife) 
and Ethel Lowrey Smith (William's daughter from Laura).  William bought the graves in 1903 
when Laura died.  Joseph's brother Frank and Frank's wife Emma are in Section d, lot 38.  
Elmer and wife Catherine are buried nearby. 

Josephus's and Mary's four children were:
Charles G.    b. 9/16/1868  d. 9/25/1943 
	William  b. 11/11/1871  d. 2/10/1937  
Elmer  b. 12/25/1876  d. 8/4/1921 
Fred  b. 11/19/1878  d. 8/24/1937  6 months after William

Charles m. Grace M. VanOrnsdale,(Van Orsdale .. Van Arsdale) b.9/18/1877 d.8/24/1953 and 
had 3 dau., Ruth, Irene, Mary, and one son Gordon.  A Daisy Lowrey died on 12/11/1900, age 8.  
Newspaper states that she was daughter of Elmer but the 1900 census shows her in the household 
of Charles and identifies her as daughter.  Elmer would have been only 15 when Daisy was born 
but so too was Grace.  See Elmer for her.
Ruth (b.7/28/1894 d.2/86) m. Charles W Potter had a son and a daughter who are still 	living.
Irene (5/9/1896 - 10/14/1980) m. Willard Morris (b. 3/1871) had one son still living in 			
Webster who had a son and 3 daughters
Mary I. (1904 - 4/1986) never married ...died in Florida.  
Gordon (1/31/1907 - 1/1969) m. Alberta L. Swan and had 
	Betty ( 1929 - 3/6/2002) m. living lived in Medina, had 2 kids
		Chris ..deceased had a son and a daughter

William first married Laura Merrithew (b. abt. 1873  d. 3/23/1900 ) and had two daughters:
	Neva Marjorie b. 10/6/1893  d. 6/1968  lived in Rossburg, married L D Reynolds
	Ethel Strayline  b. 9/4/1896  d. 7/16/1919  lived in Tuscarora, m. Walter Smith 3/16/1917
Laura is probably buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Nunda with her daughter 	            
Ethel and her in-laws Joseph and Mary who died in 1919 and 1920.  William bought the plots 
on 3/24/1900 .. Laura died 3/23/1900
He then married Ida Nell Reynolds Hadsell (b, 5/21/1876  d. 1/20/1945) and had four kids:
	Lyman C. b. 4/11/1902  d. 3/1977  lived in Nunda
	Philip R. b. 8/30/1907  d. 3/22/1968 lived in Buffalo
	Roland J. b. 5/6/1909  d. 2/5/1990  lived in Rossburg
	William R. b. 2/16/1916  d. 10/22/1998  lived in Clearwater, FL
Neva m. LD Reynolds (Ida's cousin) and  had 2 daughters, Georgia and Ethel.  
	Georgia m. Alfred Ludwig  and had Living son, Larry, and Brenda.
			Larry James 1939 - 1942 died playing in a car.
			Brenda Sue  3/2/1943 - 10/1984 m. Living on 7/23/1966 had   						
			a son and a daughter 

Ethel m. Frank Stenshorn had 4 sons and lived in Fairport, NY 
Ethel m. Walter Smith.  She died at age 22 and probably didn't have any kids. They lived 		
on Union Corners Rd. in Tuscarora. 

Lyman m. Martha Welch (5/16/1909-Jan. 1981), lived in Nunda and FL.  Had no kids

Philip m. Mary Magee lived in Buffalo NY
		Robert ( 1/5/1931-11/1/2008 ) and 3 other children
Roland m. Letha Jones and lived in Rossburg, NY and had 2 daughters

William m. Jean Gillespe and had 1 son

		William then m. Phyllis Baker (5/16/1928 - 3/15/1997) had daughter, who lives 				
		in Florida. 

Elmer  b. 12/25/1876  d. 8/4/1921  He m. Catherine Ess (1876-2/14/1959). They had two kids. 
Catherine(Carolyn-Carrie) and Joseph.  Newspaper (Mount Morris Union 12/13/1900 page 2) 
states that  Daisy, daughter of Elmer died on 12/11/1900 age 8.
	Daisy (6/12/1892-12/11/1900) 
	Carrie (7/15/1901-4/1968) m. Samuel Little and probably had no kids.
	Joseph (12/20/1906-11/1970) m. Onnolee Sprague ( 3/17/04- 12/25/90 ) and 
            	had no kids.
	1930 census of Dansville has Catherine with Carrie and Joe.
Newspaper reports that Elmer had recently moved to Dansville from Tuscarora and was working 
as an auto mechanic and while cranking an engine the crank handle flew off and hit him in 
the face.  He died about a week later.

Fredrick m. Nellie Johnson on 5/24/1899 and had one son and two daughters.
	Fred (6/2/1905-1982) 
	Clara (11/17/1907-9/12/2000) m. Ward Traxler and had three sons
		Clyde (10/16/1931 -7/27/2002) 
		Hugh (9/7/1934-1/5/1995)
	Jane (2/4/1916-10/18/1986) m. Ed Stoner and a son and two daughters

Penn. RR timetable for 1923 shows 2 northbound trains passing through Rossburg 
(8:15 am and 4:46 pm) weekdays and 1 - 4:46 pm on Sundays and through Tuscarora .. a 1 hr. ride.  
Similar schedule for southbound leaving Tuscarora 10:00 am everyday and 6:30 pm on weekdays.  
So it wasn't too hard for William to stay in touch with his family.

50th Wedding Anniversary: Page 3 of the Tuesday, November 06, 1917, edition of the 
"Rochester Democrat and Chronicle" Rochester NY Democrat Chronicle 1917 - 6985.pdf reads 
"GOLDEN WEDDING SPENT IN VISIT AT HOUSE OF SON - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lowrey Married 
Fifty Years. - HAD AN EVENTFUL CAREER - Mr. Lowrey enlisted When Only 17 Years Old - Later 
Rode Express and Guarded Stage to Salt Lake City - Both Are Well and Hearty - Mount Morris, 
Nov. 6. - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lowrey are observing the fiftieth anniversary of their 
wedding by a few days' visit at the home of their son, William, at Rossburg. Mr. Lowrey 
was born in the town of Grove, Allegany county, December 2, 1846. At the age of 17 he 
enlisted in the Twenty-first Regiment, New York Cavalry, giving his age as 18, "one big 
lie that he soon was sorry be had old," as he says in his fascinating war-time reminiscences. 
His war record covers the final two and a-half years of the struggle, after which be served 
another year in the "Pony Riders Express," guarding the stage over the Ben Holiday line from 
La Army to Salt Lake City, from the menace of Indiana and outlaws. In November, 1867, he was
 married to Miss Mary Claus. All of their married life has been spent in this vicinity. For 
 many years Mr. Lowrey worked for the Shakers at Sonyea. Mr. and Mrs. Lowrey have four sons, 
 Charles, of Dansvllle, William of Rossburg, Elmer, of Nunda, and Fred, of Mount Morris. Mrs. 
 Lowrey was born in Germany and came to this country when a child. She is a woman of delightful 
 personality, genial and vivacious. Mr. Lowrey is in excellent health, does considerable farm 
 work and says he would enlist now if he could have a horse to ride." 

MALINDA LOWREY STRAYLINE 11/1864 - 12/1937 11/2611 Malinda was the daughter of Philip and Harriet Hyde Lowrey. She was raised in the towns of West Sparta and Groveland around Kysorville and Sonyea. Malinda married John Henry Strayline and they were living in Cuylersville in 1900. John probably died between 1900 and 1910 and Malinda continued to live there for the rest of her life. They had a son John L, born 8/7/1902, who was still living with Malinda in 1930. He later married the widowed Bessie Wester (nee May) (2/1900 - 4/11/1984) on 7/17/1948. He died in Conesus, NY in 2/1984. An aside. In 1880 John Henry Strayline was living with his mother 12 houses from Margaretta Pelton and his brother Lawrence was 5 houses from the Peltons. My guess is that when Malinda's mother died after 1880 Malinda went to live with her sister Margaretta and met John Henry.

MARGARETTA LOWREY PELTON 9/1854 - 8/16/1935 11/26/11 Margaretta was the daughter of Philip and Harriet Hyde Lowrey. She was raised in the towns of West Sparta and Groveland around Kysorville and Sonyea. Margaretta married Loami Pelton (4/19/1843-9/19/1907) and they were living in Cuylersville in 1880 and 1900. The 1900 census shows a son, 14, Luther who was Luther Cleveland (3/14/1886-1/1973). Luther, who went by Larry, became a vet and lived in Seattle, WA with wife Grace Goodnow. I believe that they had no kids. An interesting aside. In 1880 John Henry Strayline was living with his mother 12 houses from Margaretta Pelton and his brother Lawrence was 5 houses from the Peltons. My guess is that when Malinda's mother died after 1880 Malinda went to live with her sister Margaretta and met John Henry.

RICHARD LOWREY ( Lowery ) 4/13/2011 Richard Lowrey was the son of William Henry and Tabatha Scott Lowrey. Census records indicate that he was born in Schoharie or Onondaga in 1811. Census of 1850 West Union shows Richard (b 1811) married to Catherine (b 1818) and having George-1841, Catherine-1843, Eliza A- 1845, William-1846, and Lois-3/1850. They are living next door to other Lowreys who are probably Richard's parents and brother. Census of 1860 Sparta shows Richard, Catherine, George Franklyn, Sarah J.-1842, Eliza, John-1847, Susan-1850, Adelivan-1853, and Mary-1858 in houses #430 and #431. Richard's brother Philip was about a ΒΌ mile away in house #439. Finding them in the census was difficult. Lowrey was messed up and George was identified as George Franklyn instead of George Franklyn Lowrey. And because of ditto marks all others were identified as Franklyn instead of Lowrey; eg, Eliza was Eliza Franklyn. Changes from 1850 to 1860 added Sarah, deleted Catherine, changed William to John, added Susan, deleted Lois, added Adelivan and Mary. One theory is that Sarah was an alias for Catherine, and Susan for Lois. Another is that Sarah was George's wife, Catherine died or married, and Mary was George's daughter. Census of 1865 West Sparta shows Richard, Catherine, George, William, Sarah J., Susan, Edelephine (Adelivan), and adds Thomas-1860. Mary would have been 7 or 8 and her absence implies that she died. Census of 1875 West Sparta shows Richard, Catherine, John-1845, Deliver-1853, and Morris-1860. Morris might have been a middle name for Thomas. Morris (Thomas) might have been George's son and for a number of reasons could have been living with Richard. George is elusive after 1865. He may be the George W. from Mount Morris who was in the civil war. Eliza married Sherman Strivings and lived in West Sparta and Castile. After Sherman died she married Thomas Peters and lived in Castile. See separate biography. John probably also went by William and VJ. His death certificate shows that he was the son of a Richard and Catherine but it and the censuses of 1892 Sparta and 1900 Groveland show that he was born in 1843. The census of 1880 indicates that he was born in 1847. I have assumed that the death certificate and the 1892 and 1900 censuses were wrong. He married Catherine Gilbride and lived in Groveland. See separate biography. Adelivan , I have assumed, was the Adelbert whose death certificate states that he was the son of a Richard (no mother's name) and that he was born 2/1848. The 1900 census shows his birth date as 2/1853. He married Emma Barber and lived in Groveland. See separate biography. Further research needed for Catherine, Lois, Susan, Morris, and Thomas.