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Daniel Kelly

Born: 1748 Bucks County, PA

Died: January 19, 1834 Geneseo, Livingston Co., NY

Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Geneseo, Livingston County, NY

On the back of the DAR Revolutionary War Memorial Stone there is an inscription that says that Deacon Daniel Kelly donated this land as the Presbyterian Burial Ground in 1823.

Military: Served with the Rangers on the Frontiers, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, Thomas Gaskin's Company in the Revolutionary War.

How Daniel Kelly came to Livingston County, New York

Early in September of 1794, Daniel Kelly left his home on the north branch of the Susquahannah River in Pennsyvania with John Jones, John Harrison and William Ryans. They only had two horses among them, so they took turns riding and walking. Two men on horseback would ride far ahead then hitch the horses to the side of the road and take off on foot. The two men walking would find the horses then it was their turn to ride ahead. They traveled this way along the Williamson Road, “which was without bridges over creeks, or crossways in bad places” for eight days. They finally arrived in Williamsburg September 13, 1794. They stayed at William Lemons tavern, the first frame house in Groveland.

The next day William Ryans decided he didn’t like the area and was homesick so he took one of the horses and headed for home. Daniel Kelly and his two companions went to Geneseo to buy land from James Wadsworth. Daniel Kelly selected over 100 acres part of which Mt Pleasant cemetery now stands. It was a cold and rainy day and by the time they reached Peter Steel’s tavern which was a little log cabin in Lakeville, they were completely drenched. They spent an hour eating and trying to get warm by the fire but John Harrison had already caught a chill. On their way back to Lemon’s tavern, Daniel Kelly gave Mr. Wadsworth a down payment for the land he wanted but Harrison did not since he was so sick.

The next day, Daniel Kelly and his two companions went back to Pennsylvania. This time they only had one horse and John Harrison rode it because he was still weak and sick.

Daniel Kelly returned the following spring to pay the rest of the money but it wasn’t until 1799 that he moved his wife and eight children to Livingston county.

Daniel Kelly, John Harrison and John Jones were afterward notable farmers of Groveland, and all became deacons in the same church.

This story is taken from History of Livingston County, by Lockwood L. Doty

Daniel Kelly [Jr]

Born: November 10, 1782 Tinnicum, Bucks County, PA

Married: 1807 to Mary Ann Roup daughter of Christian Roup

Died: 1861 Groveland, Livingston Co., NY

Daniel Kelly Jr. of Livingston County, New York

Daniel Kelly Jr.’s ancestors fled religious persecution in Ireland in the early 1700 and came to America, landing in Bucks County, PA.

In 1797 he traveled with his father and seven brothers and sisters to Livingston County. In 1799, he bought a farm in Groveland where he lived for 62 years.

“Few men in the town of Groveland exerted so large an influence as he. He was a man of strong nature, well settled in his convictions and frank in his expression and always ready to give a reason for his faith.

“Major Kelly held the office of Supervisor for his town for many years and in the board of supervisors his practical wisdom and thorough knowledge of public business gave him a commanding position.”

Excerpted from History of Livingston County, by Lockwood L. Doty

Information sent by Barbara Tripp