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Hannah was the daughter of William Henry Lowrey and Hannah Tabatha Scott. She was born around 1805 in the Schoharie County area and had 7 siblings; namely, Philip, William Andrew, Richard, Catherine, John, Daniel, and Walter. Probably before 1830 she moved with her parents and most of her siblings to the Town of Independence, Allegany County.

Hannah had a daughter with Myron Allen named Mary Jane born 1823 or 1824. Mary Jane married Steven Potter b. 1815 and they had a daughter Lucinda b. 8/1848. They lived in Andover, NY 1850, Oswayo, PA 1860 & 1870, and in 1880 Mary Jane was a widow working as a servant in a household in Willing, NY. Coincidentally, another servant was Malvina "Lowre", b. 1862, probably Mary Jane's cousin (Walter's daughter).

Lucinda married Charles Pryor (2/1839 - 3/16/1917) in 1865 and they had four children:

1. Mary 1867, was still single in 1910 census.

2. Edith 9/1873.

Edith married Edwin Cole, b. 1869, in 1893 and they had Harold 7/1894. Harold married Dagny Johnson, b. 6/1895, on 1/17/1922 and they probably had no children. Dagny was the daughter of Frank E. and Oliva H. Johnson.
3. Alta Waive 5/1884.
Alta may have married Fred H. Gross 5/21/1910 and Fred may have remarried in 1914 which indicates that Alta died or they divorced.
4. Unknown, died before 1900.

Charles and Lucinda moved around a bit:

1870 Oswayo, PA
1880 Wellsville, NY
1900 Wellsville, NY
Between 1900 and 1910 all (with the possible exception of Lucinda) moved to Tacoma, WA. Lucinda died before 1910. The 1910 census shows all of them in one household in Tacoma.
1920 Tacoma Edwin, Edith, and Harold
1930 Tacoma Edwin - a widower; Harold and Dagny
1936 & 1937 City Directory -- Harold and Dagny

LOWREYS of Central NY    5/3/2011  (also Lowery, Lowry, Lowrie ) Some conjecture. 

They are a few Lowrey families in central NY and one in particular is quite large and it consists
 of the descendants of William Henry Lowrey and Hannah Tabatha Scott.  Central NY, for this bio,
  means Livingston, Steuben, Allegany, and Monroe Counties, generally, the Genesee Valley.

William Henry Lowrey (1773-1861) was born in Herkimer County and m. Hannah Tabatha Scott (1772-1860).
  They stayed in that area and had Philip, William Andrew, Hannah, Richard, Catherine (Kate), Walter,
   John, and Daniel.  William A. married Ester Walch in Herkimer in 1823.  Probably prior to 1824*,
    everyone except William A. moved to central NY.  Later William A. followed.  William H., Tabitha,
	 Philip, Hannah, Richard, Walter, and Catherine probably moved to Whitesville, Independence, Allegany County.  William H. shows up in the 1830 census with his wife and 2 boys (age 15-20) and 1 girl (5-10).  Boys could be Richard and Walter, girl could be Hannah’s daughter Mary Jane Allen.  *Mary Jane was born in 1823 or 1824 and I believe her father was from Allegany County.

Philip married Lucinda but she died in Independence in 1837.  Philip then m. Harriett Hyde and in the
 1850 census they were living in Independence with children Lucinda Ann (1843) and Josephus Hyde (1846).
   They moved to Livingston County and settled in the Kysorville – Sonyea area.  There they added James
    Frank** (1850), Margaretta (1854), and Malinda Jane (1864).  

William A. and first wife Ester had Eliza, Rosanna 1826, James 1829, John 1832, Sarah 1835, George 1838
 and Ester 1842. Wife Ester died around 1842 and Wm A. m Lois Camp who had Philo 1826, Seth 1828,
  George 1831, and Levi 1833 from her first marriage.  Together they had William Bronson 1843, and
   Andrew 1846/1847.  William A. lived around the towns of Clarkson and Parma in Monroe County until
    his death in 1884.  

Hannah had a daughter with Myron Allen named Mary Jane born 1823 or 1824 and Mary Jane married Steven
 Potter and they had a daughter Lucinda b. 8/1848.  Hannah's life is elusive but Mary Jane and Stephen 
 lived in Andover, NY, Oswayo, PA, and in 1880 Mary Jane was a widow working as a servant in a household
  in Willing, NY.  Coincidentally, another servant was Malvina "Lowre", b. 1862, probably Mary Jane's
   cousin.  Eventually, Hannah's granddaughter and her descendants moved to Tacoma, WA and there are
    probably no living descendants.  See separate bio.

Richard married Catherine and in the 1850 census for West Union had George 1841, Catherine 1843, Eliza 1845,
 William 1846, and Lois 1850.  They moved to West Sparta and by the 1860 and 1865 censuses added
  *Sarah J. 1843, *Susan 1850, Edelephin 1853, and *Thomas 1860.  The 1875 West Sparta census showed
   *John 1845, *Adelivan/Deliven 1853, Mary 1858 and *Morris 1860.  Richard settled in the Kysorville area. 
*Sarah might have been an alias for Catherine or she might have been George's wife.  Other aliases might
 have been Susan for Lois, John for William, Deliven for Edelephin, and Morris for Thomas.  

Catherine (Kate), born in 1813, was a school teacher and she was living with Walter's family in West Union
 in 1860. 

Walter married Mary Farnsworth and they had Mary Catherine 1847, William 1849-1903, Andrew 1853-1858,
 Sophie 1856, and twins Melvin and Melvina 1862.  They moved to West Union, Steuben County around the
  Rexville-Wileyville areas.  William Henry and Tabatha lived with them.  Most of Walter's descendants
   seemed to migrate to Potter and Tioga Counties, PA.

1830 census for Independence, Allegany Co. shows a William Lowrie b 1760-1770, a female b. 1770-1780,
 2 males b. 1810-1815, and a female b. 1820-1825.

Data in Belmont Historian's office state that Lucinda Lowrey age 32 died in 1837, wife of Philip Lowrey,
 and she is buried in Independence.

The 1840 census for Greenwood (West Union) shows a William b. 1780-1790, a female b. 1770-1780, a male
 b. 1825-1830. 
The 1840 census for Groveland shows a Richard as head of house having a male 20-30, a male 30-40, and
 a female 20-30.  Hmm … wonder if it could be Richard, Catherine and recently widowed Philip?

The 1850 census for West Union shows a William b. 1777 and Tabitha b. 1776 and Walter and Mary Lowrey
 with their family in house #1807 and a Richard and Catherine Lowrey with their family in house #1806.  

The 1860 census for West Union shows a William b. 1775, Catherine b. 1813, and Walter b. 1815 and
Mary b. 1820 with their family.

Data in Belmont Historian's office state that a William Lowrie d. 6/19/1861 age 88 and his "wife"
 d. 6/9/1860 age 88. 

LDS data show a William H. b 1778 married to Hannah Tabatha Scott and show their son William Andrew 
with his descendants. 

William Lowry, a descendant of William Andrew, of MI has posted a family tree on 
 He has letters written by Walter’s daughter Malvina, that confirm some family relationships. 
  **Randy Knowles, a descendant of Philip, has posted a family tree on for the descendants
   of James Frank's second marriage.  Don Riese of Denver, whose late wife Ann Lowrey was a descendant
    of Walter, has considerable information on the descendants of Walter.

There are several other trees on "owned" by descendants of these Lowreys.

Lyman Lowrey    Elma, NY


Philip Lowrey (great grandfather of Neva, Philip, Roland, William, Clara, Ruth, Irene, Gordon and others) was born around 1801 in Schoharie, NY and died between 1870 and 1875.

Schoharie had a very large German community and its possible that Philip was of German descent.

He first married Lucinda who was born on 4/22/1804 and died at age 32 on 3/8/1837. They were living in Allegany County, NY. He then married Harriet Hyde who was born in Vermont or Massachusetts, probably in 1822. She died after 1880.

They had five kids: Lucinda b.1845; Margaretta b. 1854/1855; Josephus b. 12/3/1846 d 12/6/1919; Malinda b. 1865; James Frank b. 1850 d. 3/4/1903 Philip and family were living in Town of Independence in 1850, West Sparta in 1860 and 1865, and Groveland in 1870. His family was living in Groveland in 1875 and 1880.


Frank (James Frank) was the son of Philip and Harriett Hyde Lowrey and the brother of Joseph and others. He was born around 1850 and died on 4 Mar 1903 of erysipelas of the head.

He first married Myrtle Lee who died on 27 Jan 1889 and left him with Alice, Mary, and Albert. He then married Emma Jane Crowley on 29 Sept 1891.

Census of 1900 for Mount Morris and newspaper reports shows:

Frank ..... 45
Emma ..... 35
*Mary ..... 20, b. June 1879
*Albert ..... 13, b. June 1886
Elizabeth ..... 6, b. Dec 1893
Georgia ..... 4, b. Nov 1895
Girl ..... b. 7 Mar 1901
Clarence ..... 1, b. July 1898
Girl ..... b. 11 Oct 1902

Alice* ( Frank’s daughter) might have been married by this time. She did marry John Godfrey Miller.

Frank’s daughter Mary A. married William Edwards on 15 Aug 1903 and the 1920 census shows a 12 year old daughter, Beulah and a 3 yr old daughter Myrtle.

*Mary, Albert, and Alice were Frank’s kids from his first wife Myrtle Lee.

A little confusion over Albert. His sister Mary had a sister-in-law, Katie Edwards, who was married to an Albert Lowrey. Probably our Albert but 1910 census shows Katie and 2 year old daughter Alberta living with her 55 year widowed mother with no mention of Albert. They were living “next door” to Charles Claus** who was next door to Fred Lowrey***. Also, somewhat interesting, in 1910 another family was living with the widowed Charles and it probably was Katie’s sister Allie with husband ( Levey), and son Alvah Raymond. The 1915 census shows Albert living with his sister Mary’s family but no mention of Katie.

** Charles was the brother-in-law of Joseph Lowrey ...***Fred was Joe's son.

Alice and John bought land in Dalton for $1.00 5 July 1919 and the paperwork shows them living in Hornell. In 1922 John sold the land and he was listed as unmarried ... maybe a widower. If so, then Alice died between July, 1919 and March, 1922.


Joseph was born on 12/3/1846, probably in the Town of Independance, Allegany County. He was the son of Phillip and Harriett Hyde Lowrey. Harriett was Phillip's second wife. Joseph's siblings were Lucinda (b.abt. 1845), James Frank (b.1850), Margaretta (b.1854-1855), and Malinda (b.1865).

In the 1860 and 1865 census Phillip's family, with Joseph, shows up in West Sparta. However records show Joe as being in the cavalry in 1865 and his unit was enroute to Colorado at census time.

Joseph enlisted on 1/3/1864 at Sonyea into the 21st cavalry and was mustered into Company E on 1/14/1864 in West Sparta. He was discharged from Company C on 7/3/1866 at Camp Collins, Colorado. Exploits of the 21st Cavalry can be found in the book SABRES IN THE SHENANDOAH by John C. Bronnell, Jr.

He also bought land in 1864 which was recorded in Liber 69, page 222 as 3/28/1864. It was lots 15 and 16 in the village of Kysorville. It was bounded on the West by the road from Kysorville to Byersville, on the South by a School House lot, on the North by a gully, and on the East by the road from Kysorville to Dansville. They sold it in 1867.

Prior to 1867 Josephus married Mary Claus from Groveland. Mary was born on 12/18/1850 and came to the US in 1853.. One census shows that she was born in Strasburg, Germany (Perhaps she was born in Germany across the river from Strasbourg, France). She was the daughter of Michael ( b 4/15/1822 d.12/13/1872) and Hellan (Knonel) (b.8/10/1824 d.6/14/1890). Mary's siblings were Charles (b. 7/8/1849 d.1922 ), Michael (b.around 1854), Hellan (Ella) (b.1857 d.1939), and Rose (b.1865 d.1946).

In the 1870 census for Groveland, the Claus's lived in household #240. Phillip's family was at #255 and Joseph, with Mary and baby Charles, were at #252. Had to be pleasant. In 1875, Joe with Mary, Charles and William were in household #112 and Harriett's family was at #113. Phillip had probably died before 1875. I don't know where the Claus's were. In 1915 Joseph and Mary bought 20 acres near Tuscarora on the South side of Hoagland Road about 100 feet west of Begole Road. The 1917 Farmers' Directory lists him as a farmer growing hay and beans.

Josephus and Mary had four children: Charles G. b. 9/16/1868 d. 9/25/1943; William b. 11/11/1871 d. 2/10/1937 (my grandfather); Elmer b. 1876 d. 1921 Fred b. 11/19/1878 d. 8/24/1937 6 months after William

Charles m. Grace M. VanOrnsdale, b.9/18/1877 d.8/24/1953 and had 3 dau., Ruth, Irene, Mary, and one son Gordon.

A Daisy Lowrey died on 12/11/1900, age 8. Newspaper states that she was daughter of Elmer but the 1900 census shows her in the household of Charles and identifies her as daughter. Elmer would have been only 15 when Daisy was born but so too was Grace.

Charles and Grace are buried in Mount Morris next to the Claus's.

William first married Laura Merrithew ( b.abt. 1873 d. 3/23/1900 ), daughter of Hiram, and had two kids: Neva Marjorie b. 10/6/1893 d. 6/1968 lived in Rossburg; Ethel S. b. 9/4/1896 d. 7/16/1919 raised in Rossburg lived in Tuscarora.

He then married Ida Nell Reynolds (b, 5/21/1876 d. 1/20/1945) and had four kids: Lyman C. b. 4/11/1902 d. 1977 lived in Nunda; Philip R. b. 8/30/1907 d. 3/22/1968 lived in Buffalo (my father); Roland J. b. 5/6/1909 d. 2/5/1990 lived in Rossburg; William R. b. 2/16/1916 d. 10/22/1998 lived in Clearwater, FL

Elmer b.1876 d.1921 He m. Catherine Ess (1876-2/14/1959). They had two kids. Catherine(Carolyn-Carrie) and Joseph. Newspaper (Mount Morris Union 12/13/1900 page 2) states that Daisy, daughter of Elmer died on12/11/1900 age 8. Daisy (6/12/1892-12/11/1900); Carrie (7/15/1901-4/1968) m. Samuel Little; Joseph (12/20/1906-11/1970) m. Onnolee Sprague ( 3/17/04- 12/25/90 )

Fredrick m. Nellie Johnson on 5/24/1899 and had one son and two daughters. Fred (6/2/1905-1982); Clara (11/17/1907-9/12/2000) m. Ward Traxler and had three sons; Jane (2/4/1916-10/18/1986) m. Ed Stoner

Joseph died on 12/6/1919 and Mary died on 9/19/1920. They are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Nunda in Section c, lot 39 along with daughter-in-law Laura Lowrey (William's first wife) and Ethel Lowrey Smith (William's daughter from Laura). William bought the graves in 1903 when Laura died. Joseph's brother Frank and Frank's wife Emma are in Section d, lot 38. Elmer and wife Catherine are buried nearby.

Corporal Josephus Lowrey

One reference is the book SABRES in the SHENANDOAH by John C. Bonnell, Jr. which is a history of the 21st Cavalry (the Griswald Light Cavalry).

Josephus H. Lowrey at age 18 enlisted on Jan. 3rd, 1864 at Sonyea, NY in the 21st NY Cavalry. He was mustered into Company E as a private on Jan. 14th in West Sparta.

The 21st was organized in July 1863 and took “basic training” at Camp Stoneman Cavalry Depot at Gresboro Point. (now Anacostia Naval Station-Wash. D.C. ) Men were issued an 1860 sabre, 2-1858 Remington Revolvers, a Burnside carbine, and a McClellan saddle. On 1/14/1864 they went to Harpers Ferry to be part of the Army of West Virginia.

Joseph wasn't mustered until 1/14/1864 so he probably went to Stoneman for training and joined the 21st in the Shenandoah Valley between 4/1864 and 6/1864. Cavalry duties varied and included scouting, escorting wagon trains carrying supplies, guarding encampments, protecting the army’s flanks and rear, and fighting Confederate soldiers and guerillas. It was an ordeal and many men and horses died from the cold, starvation, and disease. Their tour in the Shenandoah consisted of the Yankees and the Rebs chasing each other around the valley in what is now Rte. 81 from the Maryland state line to south of Staunton (Rte.64). The troops kept each other busy so that the Yankees could not join in the fight for Richmond and the Rebs could not attack Washington. The guerilla warfare was one of the toughest parts.

In Jan. 1865 Joseph was appointed Corporal.

On 4/21/1865, as the war was winding down they were considered surplus to the operations in the valley and they were ordered to Washington for the Grand Review and parade past the President. They left camp in Berryville VA. and rode to Falls Church via Harpers Ferry, Frederick, and Arlington Heights arriving 4/23/1865. On May 23rd they paraded past the President and then went into camp at Bladensburg Md. and it was party time. There was considerable drunkenness, rowdiness, and fighting with the men of the Western Union Army. Finally the troops were separated and the 21st went to Clouds Mill Alexandria.

On 6/14/1865 they rode to Union Station in Washington and boarded the B&O for points west. It was an eventful ride. When the train stopped in Sandy Hook and Martinsburg many troopers engaged in looting and robbery and assaults. When they arrived in Cumberland the detachment was arrested but allowed to continue to Parkersburg. After things were sorted and somewhat resolved they continued through Cincinnati to St. Louis and boarded a steamboat for a 13 day ride to Ft. Leavenworth. There they spent 18 days getting outfitted and then a 39 day ride to Fort Collins, Colorado arriving around Sept. 1865.

Joseph was transferred on Sept. 9th, 1865 to Company C. Company C was stationed at Fort Halleck and Camp Wardwell (Fort Morgan). The regiment’s duties included protecting the Overland Stage Trail, the telegraph lines, the forts, and the settlers and miners from the Indians.

The regiment was disbanded on July 3rd, 1866 at Camp Collins, Colorado. Joseph was discharged with a disability .. he was thrown from his horse. We had always been told that his horse was shot from under him ..and my brother has an old, worn saddle that was said to be his and it was said to have a bullet hole in it. I never could distinguish the bullet hole from other holes.

Because Joseph only served 2-1/2 years of his 3 year enlistment he was not given money or tickets and had to get back to Western NY on his own.

Contributor's notes:
Summary is based on records with some conjecture. I have no information on Harriet's [Harriet Hyde] ancestors. [In reference to Philip and Lucinda] I haven't found any of their children, if any.

Lowrey Families in Tuscarora

Tuscarora seemed to be the hub for my Lowrey ancestors in the 1915-1920 era. Joe and Mary Lowrey lived on the south side of Hoagland Rd., a stone's throw from Begole Rd. Their son Fred with Nellie and their kids Fred, Clara, and Jane lived on Begole across from Hoagland. Mary's brother, Charles Claus, lived on Begole just one house North of Fred. Mary's sister Ella lived in the Claus homestead across the street from Charles. Mary (Frank Lowrey's daughter-- Joe's niece) with husband William and their 2 kids rented on Creek Road between Creveling and Hoagland All within a mile of each other. Ethel Smith (Joe's granddaughter---William Lowrey's daughter-William lived in Rossburg) and husband Walter lived a short distance away on Union Corners Road. They owned 180 acres.

Down the road a mile in the actual hamlet of Tuscarora were, based on some conjecture, Elmer and Catherine Lowrey with their kids Caroline and Joseph. Frank had lived in Tuscarora but died in 1903 and his widow Emma bought property near her parents in Oakland just west of Nunda altho I can’t find them in the 1910 or 1915 census. An Emma shows up in Cuylersville with a Clarence and "5" children in the 1917-1922 Rural Directory of Livingston County. I assume it's the same Emma.

Charles Lowrey and his family had moved to Dansville from the village of Mount Morris around 1901.

Mary Claus Lowrey's younger sister Rose McKay was living in the village of Mount Morris with her husband and kids (Carl and Helen - Carl died in 1913 of appendicitis at age 23). In 1917 they owned 70 acres on State Road just outside the village.

Dansville newspaper reported on 11/1/1917 that Miss Ruth Lowrey (Charles' daughter) from Tuscarora was visiting her parents in Dansville.

Not all peaches and cream .. between July 1919 and Sept. 1920 Ethel, Joseph, Elmer, and Mary died and in 1922 Charles Claus died. Alice probably died between 1919 and 1922 * Joseph was Frank's brother and Charles, William, Elmer, and Fred were Joe's sons. William lived in Rossburg and had 6 kids; Neva, Ethel, Lyman, Philip, Roland, and Bill.

Contributor: Lyman Lowrey, Elma, NY