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John MacLeod (b.1812, Scotland; d. 1895, Geneseo) emigrated to Geneseo in 1854 
with his wife, Catherine (b.1818, Scotland; d. 1919 during the flu epidemic).
John, a blacksmith, was hired by James Wadsworth on the recommendation of Lord Dunmore 
(in Scotland). They lived on Main St., Geneseo until about 1865, then moved to a small 
stone house (no longer standing) on James Wadsworth's farm.
  His son, Donald "Dan" MacLeod (b. 1846, Scotland; died 1924) also lived in 
Geneseo. He became a naturalized citizen in Livingston County in 1867. 
Donald married Mary Henrietta "Etta" Reynolds of Auburn, NY. They moved to Washington, DC.
John and Catherine's children born in Geneseo were: Mary (b 1855), Roderick (b 1857), Nealie 
(b 1860), and Flora (b1865).

Roderick and Nealie died of smallpox in 1873. Flora-Julia, also got 
smallpox in the 1872 outbreak but did not die like her brothers Roderick and 
Nealie. She survived, went to the Normal School, married, and became a teacher.

2010 note from Trish: I recently located the family plot in Temple Hill Cemetery with several of our McLeods buried there. I also found evidence of marriages of two McLeod women into other local families. Margaret McLeod, John's eldest child,married Henry W. Lamson. They moved to a farm in Dryden NY but are buried in the Lamson family plot in Temple Hill Cemetery. Their daughter, Mary Ella Lamson, married Willis G. Carmer, also of Geneseo I believe, and are also buried in Temple Hill Cemetery. Their son, Carl Lamson Carmer was a rather famous writer/journalist in the 1940's-50's, known in part for his writings of western New York State folklore. He is also buried with his wife in Temple Hill Cemetery. (I have written a note to the cemetery on their website, noting that they seem to be unaware of his presence as a person of note in their cemetery.) I believe the Lamsons and the Carmers are local families in the Geneseo area. Also another of John's daughters. Margretha, married into the Birge family and had two sons, William and Craig. They and their spouses are also buried in Temple Hill. McLeod "morphed" into MacLeod after a few generations too. (Carl Lamson Carmer’s sister was Katherine MacLeod Carmer but she is not in the cemetery so I guess she married and moved elsewhere.

Contributed by: Trish Robinson