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Henry Nelson Jerome, a contented and well-to-do agriculturist, residing on his eighty-two-acre farm in the town of Livonia, is a man whose word carries weight with his fellow-townsmen. He was born in Richmond, Ontario County, N.Y., November 2, 1830, son of John and Sarah (Aiken) Jerome.

The father was born in Pompey, Cayuga county, and went to Richmond on attaining his majority, buying there a small farm, which he cultivated with assiduity until1836, when he removed to Geneseo, and invested there in a farm of eighty acres, upon which he remained four years. He then sold the property, and came to Livonia, purchasing the farm now owned by his son, Henry N. Jerome. Here he died at the age of sixty-five, after a life of active toil, leaving behind him a worthy record of daily duties well performed. His wife, formerly Sarah Aiken, was a daughter of David Aiken, of Saratoga County, and was a womenof true domestic virtues and a worthy helpmeet to her husband. Nine children grew up around their hearth, whose names we record as follows: Myron D.; Hannah M.; John A.; Susan A.; Williams S.; Mary J.; Henry N.; the subject of this biographical outline; and Sarah Adelia and Clara Amelia, twins. the hand of silent reaper has been busy among these brothers and sisters; for all have been garnered into sheaves for the eternal harvest except Hannah M. and Henry N., whose name prefaces this sketch.

The latter was brought up in Geneseo, and there acquired sufficient book knowledge to enable him worthily to perform his duties as a good citizen and intelligent member of the community. After the death of his father he took the farm, bought out the other heirs, and paid off in course of timethe debt by which it was encumbered. He now has a good farm, well cultivated, which he is constantly trying to improve, its thriving condition attesting the watchful care and perpetual industry of its owner. That Mr.. Jerome is regarded by his neighbors and fellow-townsmen as a capable and trustworthy man may be learned from the fact that he has served the town of Livonia as Assessor for the last ten years. He has always given his allegiance to the Republician party since its organization; but, voting for the first time President at the age of twenty-two, his vote helped to elect Franklin pierce to the place of honor at the head of the nation.

Mr. Jerome has been twice married, his first wife being Mary E. locke, daughter of John Locke, of Livonia Station. She died, leaving one son, John F., and a daughter, Lillian E., now deceased. John F. married Alice Hayward, daughter of Hiram Hayward; and they have one son, Byron N. Mr. Jerome chose his second wife Miss Annie Harder, daughter of William and Catherine (Jones) Harder, of Saratoga and Livingston Counties respectively. Of his marriage were born one son, William G. Jerome married Miss Mary weaver, and engaged in the practice of law in Rochester, N.Y. he was a promising young man of twenty-seven years when he was called from earth on January 4, 1895. Nellie A. Jerome died at the tender age of four years and three months. Both Mr.. and Mrs.. Jerome are members of the Presbyterian church of Livonia, and are people who have a wide circle of acquaintance, and whose work and example are of value in the community. (Biographical Review, Livingston and Wyoming Counties, 1895. Page 177)

Contributed by: Thomas Sackett