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Please Note:
This is only one of the dozens of cemeteries in Livingston County.
Others will be added as the information is available.

This database was started 25 Sept 2006.

Kysorville Cemetery

Kysorville Cemetery, Town of West Sparta. Kysorville-Byersville Road, Kysorville, Livingston County, NY. Earliest stone: 1838; latest: 1980. "This is a small cemetery with many unreadable and broken stones".
Cemetery read April 16, 2005 by Sally Carrier. Transcript contributed by Sally Carrier.
Compilers Note: * = calculated age based on inscriptions.







Abbey, Clarrisaw/o Henry18501887 37*KysorvilleClarrisa Kemp
Abbey, Henryh/o Clarrisa18471915 68*Kysorville 
Abbey, Johnh/o Susan18151885 70*Kysorville 
Abbey, Susanw/o John18211899 56y 8m 9dKysorville 
AndrewsGrandmother    Kysorville 
AndrewsGrandfather    Kysorville 
Bennett, Elizabethw/o Luke Bennett5 Dec 180029 Jun 1881 80*Kysorville 
Brown, Silviu D. 15 Apr 19449 Feb 1980 35*KysorvillePvt US Army
Crawford, Mary Elizad/o J & MJ Crawford15 Jan 1846*29 Oct 1846 9mo 14dKysorville 
Crawford, Mary Janew/o Joseph Crawford 5 Jul 1846  Kysorville 
Foster, Fannyw/o Seth 6 Mar 1838  Kysorville 
Foster, Seth  6 Feb 1847  Kysorville 
Gray, "Our Baby"     Kysorville 
Gray, Andrew 18491933 84*Kysorville 
Gray, Emma 22 Jan 18906 Sep 1892 31 months*Kysorville 
Gray, Ida 18511925 74*KysorvilleIda Lewis
Gray, Janew/o John E    KysorvilleJane Bradt
Grey, Jeanne  18801959 79*Kysorville 
Gray, John E. 18261897 71*Kysorville 
Grey, Lizziew/o Fred Gray18781901 23*Kysorville 
Green, Calvin 18121892 70*Kysorville 
Green, Mary A.w/o Calvin18181857 39*Kysorville 
Green, Lydia H.w/o Calvin18181894 76*Kysorville 
Green, Rebecca M. 15 Dec 1815*27 Apr 1894 78y 4m 12dKysorville 
Hartman, Amidon 1 July 1859*10 Feb 1862 2y 7m 9d Kysorville 
Hartman, George 16 Mar 1784*10 Apr 1869 85y 25dKysorville 
Hungerford, Betsey Ew/o Jabez H.1799*13 Oct 1842 43 yearsKysorville 
Hungerford, Jabez 3 Aug 1783*3 Mar 1838 54y 7mKysorville 
Hungerford, Zeliad/o Jabez & Betsey3 Apr 1823*3 Sep 1841 18y 5mKysorville 
Jones, Catherinew/o Joel18291907 78*Kysorville 
Jones, Clarissaw/o James18061890 84*Kysorville 
Jones, Charles H 18381876 38*Kysorville 
Jones, Edward 1791*9 May 1844 Age 53Kysorville 
Jones, Frank 18911922 31*KysorvilleCorp Hdo Co 19th FA 5th Div
Jones, infant  1918  Kysorville 
Jones, James 18031885 82*Kysorville 
Jones, Joel 18291907 78*Kysorville 
Jones, John S 18261848 22*Kysorville 
Jones, Sarahw/ Edward    Kysorville 
Kemp, Cassandana 1811*28 Dec 1877 66 yearsKysorville 
Kemp, Catherine 1788   KysorvilleCatherine Muchler
Kemp, Joel 23 Sep 178616 Jan 1858 71y 3m 24dKysorville 
Kennedy, Andrew 18341904 70*Kysorville 
Kennedy, Anna Cw/o Andrew18351894 59*Kysorville 
Kennedy, Maria 28 Jan 1809*28 July 1840 31y 6mKysorville 
Kysor, Nicholas 2 Jan 1787*10 Dec 1844 57y 11m 8dKysorville 
Kysor, Esther Fw/o Nicholas29 Sep 1788* 7 Jun 184556y 8m 9dKysorville 
McMaster, Delightw/oEbenezer18321883 51*Kysorville 
McMaster, Ebenezer 18271880 53*Kysorville 
McMaster, Edith Dolly     Kysorville 
McMaster, Polly P 18031895 92*Kysorville 
McMaster, Wm     Kysorville 
Moffatt, Agnes 18341923 89*Kysorville 
Moffatt, Andrew 18601885 25*Kysorville 
Moffatt, Christopher 18361896 63*Kysorville 
Moffatt, Jessie Annd/0 John & Minnie    Kysorville 
Moffatt, Katherine Mw/o Andrew186319xx  Kysorville 
Moffatt, Leona 19071908 1 yr*Kysorvillequestionable
Moffatt, Roberts/o John & Minnie21 Aug 1867*11 Jun 1870 2y 9m 21dKysorville 
Moore, Caroline Mw/o William11 Sep 1823   Kysorville 
Moore, EB     Kysorville 
Moore, William 10 Nov 181013 May 1857 46*Kysorville 
Moore, Williams/o W & CM16 Jun 185213 Jul 1852 1y 0m 27dKysorville 
Peckham, Susanw/o Stephen Peckham1800*13 Apr 1848 48 yrsKysorville 
Pitts, Sally Annw/o GB Pitts 28 Feb 18xx 50 yrsKysorville 
Porter, Ebenezer  4 Oct 18xx 60 yrsKysorville 
Porter, Pruellad/o Ebenezer & Loviey1932*23 May 1948 16 yrsKysorville 
Robards, Amy Ad/o Harvey & Martha15 Feb 18579 Jan 1882 24y 10m 25dKysorville"We love her"
Robinson, Rhodad/o G&I Robinson2 Nov 1823*13 Jun 1838 14y 7m 11dKysorville 
Smith, Clarence L 18911896 5*Kysorville 
Smith, Jennie A 18961897 1*Kysorville 
Smith, Maria 18251896 68*Kysorville 
Smith, Samuel  14 Jun 1907  Kysorville1st NY Dragoons
Sutterlin, Jacob 1834   Kysorville 
Sutterlin, Lewis J 18671942 74*Kysorville 
Sutterlin, Maryw/o Jacob18321903 71*Kysorville 
Thompson, Abe S 18831932 49*KysorvilleJunior
Thompson, Gertrudew/o Peter18541937 83*KysorvilleGertrude Grey
Thompson, Jennied/o Peter & GertrudeSep 1839*6 Jul 1855 15y 10m xdKysorville 
Thompson, John C 18251893 68*KysorvilleGAR Marker 1861-1865
Thompson, Lucindaw/o John18261896 70*Kysorville 
Thompson, Peter 18401902 62*Kysorville 
Titus, Lovinaw/o MJ Titus1823*18 Oct 1844 21 yrsKysorville 
VanDoren, Alcheyw/o John VanDoren10 Feb 17883 Feb 1868 79*Kysorville 
VanDoren, John 3 Sep 178021 Mar 1856 75*Kysorville 
Whiting, Joseph 22 Aug 1805*10 Jun 1858 52y 9m 19dKysorville 
Wilgy, Susannahw/o Abel Wilgy1761*Jul 1844 83 yrsKysorville 
Willhel, Frederick    83 yrsKysorville 
Willhel, Susannahw/o John Willhel5 Apr 181413 May 1881 67*Kysorville 
Willhelm, Elizabethw/o Ulysses Willhelm18531898 45*Kysorville 
Willhelm, Ulysses 18471937 90*Kysorville 
Woodworth, Franks/o Phileman & Phila A 18 Apr 18xx 2 moKysorville 
Other Cemeteries Coming Soon. We are in the process of transcribing records. As soon as they become available, I will get them posted.

Compiled and annotated by Liz Cornish. Please contact me with corrections.

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