Groveland Station Road(Rte.63)
Town of Groveland

Surnames in the Pioneer Cemetery include: McFall, Draper, Harrison, Sikes, Smith, Ward, Doty, Dunn, and possible others.

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Photo taken 12 October 1997, looking north

Maintained Courtesy of Groveland Kiwanis

Photo taken 12 October 1997 from front of cemetery, on the hill, facing west.
WARD Family Lot, right to left

Samuel Ward
who died March 5, 1831/4
aged 38 years.

Thomas Ward
who died March 22, 1834
aged about 75 years
Mary Ward(see next photo)
Margaret Ward(see next photo)
In memory of
Margaret daughter of
Thomas and Mary Ward
who died Dec 10, 1812
in the 8th year of her age.

Mary Ward
wife of Thomas Ward
who died October 9, 1827?
aged _5 year of her age.

In memory of
who died
May 3, 1811
aged 32 years.
In memory of
who died
January 10, 1816
in the 78th year
of his age..
memory of
wife of
Elias Harrison
who died
Jan. 22, 1836
Aged 86 years & 6 mos.
Memory of Fanny
W. Doty who died
February 14, 1822
In the 2nd year of her
(Left) In Memory of Charlo
tte Harrison Who
died August the 7th
1809 in the 2nd year of
her age.
(Right) In Memory of William
Harrison Who died
August the 8th 1821
In the 2nd year of his
Memory of
The Wife of
Ben. Draper
who died Jan.
the 16th 1824
age 25 years
1 Month
19 Days.
______ DUNN w__
_____ Feb. 20th
1807 in the _6th
year of h__ age.
(LEV)I DUNN who died
___c 1st 1829 in the
__th year of his age.
In memory of
Mr. George Smith, who died
November the 19, 1812
in the 52 year of her age.
Thou also must become with us
___lent inhabutant of the grave.
July 9, 1850
Aged 69 Yrs.
(Left) Hannah
dau of
Peter & Susan McFall
Oct 31 1835
Aged 18 yrs.

No Photo
next to the Rose Draper's marker
read 12 Oct 1997, by Andrew Burdett
In memory of 5 daughters
the Legitimate offspring of
Benj. & Rosa Draper.

All other markers are not readable(12 Oct 1997).

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